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Best NJ Reggae Clubs

Best Reggae Clubs in NJ

Going someplace completely new and different for a night of fun can be exciting. Consider visiting one of the many reggae clubs in NJ and get moving to some of the greatest hits of from this popular Jamaican music genre.

Northern Shore Region NJ
1801 Ocean Avenue, Belmar, NJ 07719

Best Reggae Clubs in NJ D'Jais Relax at this beach bar while listening to some reggae!
A classic Jersey Shore beach club, D'Jais has entertained endless amounts of NJ natives and tourists with its live reggae entertainment, great drinks and delicious food.

D'Jais offers the typical club dance music on some nights but on other nights, this typical club turns into a reggae hotspot that offers awesome live reggae music performed by talented reggae musicians. If you're looking for a New Jersey Shore bar with a bit of a twist, then D'Jais is the place to go. It is a great spot for club lovers and reggae lovers alike This top reggae club in NJ offers the best of both worlds - a great club atmosphere and top-notch reggae beats.

They offer outdoor seating and live reggae bands!

Northeast NJ
Euro Lounge Cafe
185 River Road, North Arlington, NJ 07031

Best Reggae Clubs NJ Euro Lounge Cafe A chic bar that plays reggae music!
Located right outside of NYC, Euro Lounge Cafe offers all the luxuries and style of the city with the prices of New Jersey! Entertaining New Jersey and New York club-goers with various types of music, Euro Lounge Cafe is one of the best when it comes to reggae clubs in the Northeast region of the state.

Stop in on Friday or Saturday night for an unforgettable night of dancing to your favorite reggae hits! Not only does this chic NJ reggae club offer great music and drinks in their lounge, but they also offer delicious dinner food and tapas at their iconic restaurant. What better idea can you think of for a weekend night out than heading to Euro Lounge Cafe for some dinner and dancing?

Dance all night to reggae and Latin music!

Central NJ
79 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Jamians Best Reggae Clubs in NJOpen mic night for reggae enthusiasts!
Located right in the heart of Red Bank, NJ, Jamians offers some delicious Caribbean food during the day and at night it turns into one of the hottest reggae clubs in town at night. They often have local bands that really bring some serious heart and soul into the area, but they also have their open mic night for the amateurs.

Some of the best reggae music around will be heard at this reggae club during their open mic nights. Grab some friends and enjoy red stripe and some of the best reggae music in NJ!

Groove to the sultry sounds of bongos and high guitar riffs!

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Best Reggae Clubs NJ

No one can deny that reggae music offers relaxing and mellow beats, so why not stop by at one of these top reggae clubs in NJ after a long week at work? From Bob Marley to Jimmy Cliff, you'll hear it all at these reggae clubs in NJ!

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