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Rainy Day Activities in NJ

Find the best places to go when it's raining in NJ! New Jersey offers a wide variety of fun and exciting rainy day activities the whole family will enjoy!

Arcades in NJ
Arcade Centers in NJ
Whether you're looking to relive the golden age of arcade or join the dance dance revolution, these Arcade Centers in NJ are sure to meet your needs. If you're stuck inside on a rainy day, take a  trip to a local arcade center and be stuck inside with some video game icons! 
New Jersey Art Studios Art Studios NJ
It's time to get creative. Rainy days are a great time to visit a local NJ Art Studio and let your imagination run wild. Paint or draw to your hearts content, and who knows, maybe you'll find that you're the next Picasso or Da Vinci? Next time you're considering rainy day activities in NJ, give art a chance.
NJ Aquariums
Aquariums in NJ
The best rainy day activities in NJ for ocean lovers have to do with the water, of course. And what's a better substitute for the beach than an aquarium? Visit one of these New Jersey aquariums and check out all the different exotic underwater critters you might run into on your next vacation! 
Best Bars in NJ
Bars in NJ
Is there a better rainy day activity in NJ than grabbing a cold one with some friends? Probably not. These New Jersey Bars  will be sure to liven anyone's spirits! If there's a bar in New Jersey that's got a great reputation and is a lot of fun, it's on this list. Grab a few friends and get ready to laugh, sing songs, and dance as the night goes on!
Bead Making Studios NJ Bead Making in NJ
The next time the rain clouds visit New Jersey spend your day at a NJ bead center! Bring the family to any of these bead centers in New Jersey to make your own cool and unique jewelry. Many of these bead centers teach you everything you need to know on-site so you don't need to worry about making an appointment. Making your own jewelry is a great way to spend the next rainy day in NJ!
Best NJ Rainy Day Activities Best Rainy Day Activities in NJ
Rainy days can be a drag, but there are still plenty of fun things to do in New Jersey. Check out our list of the best things to do when it rains in New Jersey!
New Jersey Museums Children's Attractions in NJ
If you're not quite sure how to keep the kids entertained next time it rains in New Jersey we've got you covered! We have dozens of fun ways to spend a rainy day with the kids in NJ. From indoor water parks to indoor amusement parks, arcades and everything in between, you can't go wrong with any of these NJ rainy day activities!
Learn in NJ Classes or Lessons in NJ
Ever put off learning a new trade for a "rainy day?" Well this rainy day is that day! These different classes or lessons in NJ are what you're looking for the next time you're wondering what to do in NJ on a rainy day. Try your hand at acting, music, or bartending lessons!
Dance Lessons in NJ
Dance Lessons in NJ
Everybody salsa! If you don't know how, learn! For your next New Jersey rainy day activity, take the family or friends out to some dance lessons at these New Jersey locations. Whether it's Ballroom dancing, Latin Dancing, Rumba, Fox Trot, or Waltz dancing lessons, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for on this list of Dance Lessons in New Jersey.
NJ Salons and Spas Day Spas in NJ
A rainy day in New Jersey is the perfect day to go to the spa. Relieve yourself from stress and anxiety with a variety of massages, steam baths, etc. Visit one of these Day Spas in NJ and get ready to be lost in your own bliss
Wine Making in New Jersey Fun Indoor Activities for Adults in NJ
Even adults feel cooped up when the sun is covered and rain falls from the sky. Find the best indoor activities for adults in NJ. Whether you want to make your own beer and wine, go to an art museum, or relax at a day spa, any of these rainy day activities in NJ are sure to free you from your boredom!
Best Wineries in New Jersey Fun Indoor Activities for Kids in NJ
It wouldn't be a rainy day activity if it wasn't indoors. We've listed the coolest indoor activities for kids in NJ to do when it's raining. Whether they want to spend the rainy afternoon in a science museum or taking an art class, we have it all here!
Glass Making Studios in NJ Glass Making Studios in NJ
The art of glass making is an age old tradition. And for your next New Jersey rainy day activity, you can visit a glass making studio. You can visit any of these Glass Making Studios in NJ, and maybe even give glass blowing a try!
New Jersey Health and Fitness Guide Health and Fitness
The rainy day activities in NJ usually revolve around not moving. Go off the beaten path and focus on your health and fitness! Visit one of these fitness centers, gyms, yoga studios, or health food stores in NJ!
New Jersey Ice Skating Rinks Ice Skating Rinks NJ
Wishing the rainy day activity in NJ were a snow day instead? Why not visit one of these Ice skating rinks NJ has to offer? These ice skating rinks are just what you need!
Indoor Play Places in NJ Indoor Play Places in NJ
There's nothing better for kids to do on a rainy day in NJ than spend the day playing indoors! Instead of having the kids watch TV the next time it rains in New Jersey, visit any of these indoor play places. What's better than running around, laughing and playing while staying dry! For more play places in New Jersey see indoor play places in Northern NJ, indoor play places in Central NJ, and indoor play places in Southern NJ.
NJ Laser Tag Arenas Laser Tag Arenas in NJ
Rainy days in NJ call for some laser tag! Laser Tag Arenas in NJ are the perfect place to visit for people of all ages. Everyone from moms and dads to brothers and sisters are bound to have a great time playing laser tag at one of these New Jersey laser tag locations. Take no prisoners!
Art & Culture in NJ NJ Arts & Culture
New Jersey is filled with rich and unique culture. Come out to any of NJ's art galleries, theatres, wineries or museums and discover a part of New Jersey you may have never known. Any of these attractions are perfect for a day trip, especially if it's a rainy day in NJ.
Museums in NJ NJ Museums
New Jersey is home to hundreds of interesting museums. Whether you want to brush up on your history or see art from centuries ago, our guide to NJ museums has it all. There's nothing better than spending a rainy day in New Jersey discovering something new!
Pottery Studios NJ Pottery Studios in NJ
Spending the afternoon at a pottery studio in NJ is a great way to let out your creative energy when the rainy weather makes you feel groggy. These pottery studios in New Jersey give you the option to pick out a pre-made pottery piece and paint it or you can even make your own piece from scratch!
Roller Skating Rinks NJ Roller Skating Rinks in NJ
Roller Skating Rinks in NJ are not a thing of the past! When you're looking for something to do in New Jersey on a rainy day, visit one of these rinks. Grab some food, drinks, strap on your skates and get ready to groove along to the music. Who said the '50s were dead?.
NJ Shooting Ranges Shooting Ranges in NJ
If you find yourself asking what to do on a rainy day in New Jersey, stop right there! Head over to one of the Shooting Ranges in NJ with a couple of friends and test your skills with a firearm. These New Jersey shooting ranges are not only fun, but most importantly, safe.
Shopping in New Jersey Shopping in NJ
When the rain comes pouring down, hit the mall! Spend countless hours indoors shopping in NJ for your favorite clothes, shoes, outdoor apparel, video games...the options are endless! Taking a day to let the fashionista (or gamer) inside you loose is the perfect rainy day activity in NJ!
New Jersey Sports Centers
Sports Centers in NJ
Are you an outdoor lover, itching to get out even though the rain is pouring down? Visit one of these New Jersey Sports Centers! You could do anything from play indoor soccer football, basketball, or rock climbing. Don't let the rainy day in New Jersey stop you from unleashing your inner athlete!
Wine Making in NJ
Wine Making in NJ
Ever wonder how wine is made? On the next rainy day, give it a try for yourself! These wine making locations are sure to answer your question. Your hardwork will also be rewarded with a bottle of wine! Next time you're looking for rainy day activities in New Jersey, consider wine making! 

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Things to do on a Rainy Day in NJ

Explore some of the best rainy day activities New Jersey has to offer at any of these cool attractions and venues. There are many fun things to do on a rainy day in New Jersey, so grab your umbrella and visit one of these fine locations today!

If you're seeking rainy day activities in other parts of the country, see our guides to Rainy Day Activities in PA or New York Rainy Day Activities.

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