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732-298-6015 Reviews uses a five star system to rate attractions and events that we review. The reviews are done in house and are the sole opinions and reflections of our editorial staff. The opinions and photos contained herein are the sole property of and cannot be reproduced under copyright law.

We realize that it is difficult to rate certain types of attractions such as seasonal or smaller attractions. In certain cases we may review an attraction or event and omit the star rating but we still will write a review of our opinions.

It is our intention to give all attractions a fair and reasonable review.  We believe our ratings are a fair and fun way to measure the authenticity of an event or attraction.

The Star rating system explained

5   Superb - This is a top attraction that Fun fully endorses. A must see or do.
4  Excellent  - An absolute must. This is also a top rated attraction that we feel you will enjoy.
3  Very Good  - This is still a must see or do. There may be small factors that made this miss being a 4. Still better than average and surely fun.
2  Fair - Still reccomended but has reasons for a lower rating, perhaps the pricing is too high. Worth a visit if your in the area. Average or slightly below average.
1  Poor - In all fairness, will not rate establishments below a 2.



Our Mission

Fun New is making a conscience effort to become a #1 top reliable resource of the many wonderful things to do in the New Jersey Tri-state area. We are commited and dedicated to providing you with the most valid and up to date information on all of the areas attractions, big or small. We feel that, by providing you with this valuable service, we will become a Credible resource that you can refer to with confidence time and time again in the future.

Would you like your attraction reviewed?

If you would like a review or have thoughts and questions about the reviews, or feel that a review is unfair please contact us at [email protected]

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