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Murder Mystery Parties in NJ

Murder Mystery Party Ideas in NJ

If you're planning a murder mystery party in NJ, check out these murder mystery party ideas in NJ!

Northern NJ
Murder Mystery Co.
510 Summit Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Murder Mystery Co. Murder Mystery Parties in NJ Murder at the Masquerade Style Party!
At the Murder Mystery Co. you'll be helping to solve the mystery of the murder at the masquerade. It takes place at a billionaire's club setting and you gather up clues to try and solve what happens. A three-course buffet is served during this performance, but don't focus just on the food, you're trying to solve a murder!

One of the masked guests at the party has murder on their mind, and it's your job to find out who. See the next time they are hosting an event, or see about getting a private party set up just for you and your friends!

See if you can solve the murder at the masquerade!

Southern NJ
Without a Cue
600 Commons Way, Bridgewater, NJ

Without a Cue Murder Mystery Parties in NJ Hire them for a Private Party or go to their Events!
If you are looking for a very interesting murder mystery dinner/drink party, Without a Cue is the event for you. They have various events around NJ, but will also come to your private location if you want. NJ has a specific event called "Deadly Beloved" themed around a marriage involving the death of the groom. This event has a 5 hour open bar with a 3 course meal.

You can figure out the mystery while enjoying top shelf alcohol. Head over to their website and see about hring them for a private event or check out one of their scheduled events!

Check out their 5 hour open bar!


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NJ Murder Mystery Parties

All our murder mystery party ideas in NJ will be a big hit with your guests. They will certainly be talking about your unique party for many years to come.
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