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Dance Classes in NJ

Dance Schools in NJ

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Whether you want to learn to salsa or to belly dance, you'll find all types of NJ dance classes here!
Taking lessons can also be a fun activity for couples that want to stay in shape and get exercise.

Dance Schools in NJ All Dance Schools in NJ
See our list of all dance schools in New Jersey. These dance studios offer a wide variety of classes for all levels. If you're unsure of what kind of dance lesson you'd like to try, use our guide to dance classes.
Ballet classes NJ Ballet Classes in NJ
See a list of ballet classes in NJ and find some near you! Whether you are looking for yourself or want to sign up your child, you'll find plenty of choice in this directory of classes in NJ.
Ballroom Dancing Classes in NJ Ballroom Dancing Lessons in NJ
When it comes to elegance and sophistication, few things can beat ballroom dancing. A great way to stay in shape while learning a new skill, these dance types can be learned at any age.
Belly Dance in NJ Belly Dancing Lessons in NJ
The perfect choice for fitness and working out your core muscles, belly dancing is both fun and sexy. Choose a place to learn this exotic dance from our list of belly dance schools.
Hip Hop Dance Classes in NJ Hip Hop Dance Lessons in NJ
Learn this popular form of dance at a local studio. Kids and adults alike can take hip hop classes, it's never too late to learn!
Irish Dance Classes in NJ Irish Dance Classes in NJ
Whether you are getting back to your roots or just learning a new way of moving, Irish step dancing is a wonderful choice. Learn about Irish culture through this unique dance form.
Latin Dance Classes in NJ Latin Dance Classes in NJ
Learn the romantic dances of Spain and South America when you take NJ dance classes at one of these Latin dance studios. Great for fitness, fun, competition or as a skill to impress a date.
Pole Dance Classes in NJ Pole Dance Classes in NJ
Stay fit and get in touch with your sexy side with these NJ pole dancing classes. Perfect to strengthen your lower body or as a social activity with a group of girl friends.
Salsa Dance Lessons in NJ Salsa Dance Classes in NJ
Salsa one of the most popular dance styles in the United States. It originated in New York with strong influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico. Find the best salsa dance schools in NJ!
Swing Dance Lessons in NJ Swing Dance Classes in NJ
Learn to tear up the dance floor like it's 1945 when you take classes in swing dancing. Grab a partner and get ready to twist, kick and spin!


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Dance Classes in NJ

Whether you're seeking ballet classes or pole dancing classes, we have listed a wide range of dance classes in New Jersey for your convenience. Sign up for some of the best dance classes NJ has to offer today!

If you're looking for other fun and educational activities in the state of NJ, check out our complete Learn in NJ page.  Find dance classes in other parts of the country by checking out our guide to Dance Classes in PA or Dance Classes New York.


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