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How to start your own debt settlement company


We offer the best Debt Settlement Affiliate Program

Start a professional debt settlement business today
Partner with and start a lucrative debt settlement business today! We are devoted to helping individuals with no experience as well as experienced professionals with starting a debt settlement business quickly. We offer full support and training with no cost to our affiliates. There is NO start up fee or monthly service fee to be a part of our debt settlement business opportunity.

We can show you how to get started with a lucrative debt settlement business that will bring in residual income for years to come. We are partnered with a full service back end debt settlement processing company located right here in New Jersey. Our debt settlement sister company was founded by a lawyer and our team of experienced and certified debt specialists will train you to become a professional debt settlement affiliate. If you already offer financial services or are in a related financial market, we can help you grow your business as well. We can accept affiliates with or without experience from any State, so it doesn't matter where you live or what your current employment status is. 

We provide the absolute best level of customer service in the industry and also have the highest splits in the back end debt settlement industry. Fill out the quick form below or Email us and we will contact you immediately so you can get started with this fantastic opportunity!

What is entailed to start a debt settlement business?
As one of our front end affiliates, you will be responsible for helping customers through the enrollment process. You will simply answer any questions that the customer may have and gather their information as you guide them through the enrollment process.

After the client has been enrolled, we will take care of the rest. We provide all of the back end work. You will have no need to follow-up with clients that you have signed up and they will not call you after the enrollment process because we will provide them all the rest of the back end debt settlement service that they require.

Experienced financial representatives are also welcome
If you have experience with generating debt settlement
leads or enrolling clients and are looking for a reliable back end affiliate service, then we would love to talk to you. If you are in a related financial market like real estate or loan modification, let us show you how you can build your business with us as your back end provider. If you have any type of sales experience (or even no sales experience at all) or are simply looking for a reputable business opportunity then contact us today so we can give you information on how to start your own debt settlement business.

A debt settlement business opportunity with free training
Our debt settlement training process is one of the best in the industry and it is completely free for affiliates. There is no investment whatsoever required on your part. You just need a desire to learn and succeed. We will guide you and train you every step of the way and provide you with all the tools necessary to be successful with your debt Settlement company. We provide you with a complete debt settlement sales training program and we will always be there for you with any questions that you may have.      
A business where you will help people with real debt problems
With the economy in a recession and unemployment nationwide somewhere around 10%, there are many people who are finding it hard to make ends meet. Now is a great time to start your own debt settlement business and at the same time provide a valuable service to consumers who are running out of options to get their head above water. Debt Settlement is a great business to get into where you can help these consumers (who will have no other alternative but to file bankruptcy) to get out of debt quickly.

Residual Income with endless possibilities
The average consumer that will enroll in a debt settlement program will have on average of about 25 thousand dollars worth of debt.

After you enroll the client, our debt specialists will take over and handle all the backend including creating a budgeting strategy and manageable payment plan for your client so that they will be able to become debt within about 36 months on average.

Your debt settlement affiliate Residual income potential
Using the numbers explained above, a clients average payment plan would be around $450 per month. Our starting affiliate commission is 8% of the client뭩 total debt

Average client debt = $25,000
Average commission on 25k debt (8%)   =  $2,000

If you enroll 40 clients per month that would be $80,000 Monthly fees accrued

Annual residual income potential:

40 clients per month after 1 year = $269,644 in future commissions earned
40 clients per month after 2 years = $697,292 in future commissions earned

A very profitable business opportunity for serious minded individuals
With extremely lucrative commissions like these and an unlimited income potential depending on your performance, a debt settlement business is a perfect solution for a sales person in today's economy.

There is only 3 easy steps to get started with this great business.

1) Sign up as an agent with us as your back end Debt Settlement provider. Either fiil out the form above to sign-up or Email us with your name and phone number to get started.
2) We will then train you quickly on what you need to do.
3) Come up with a marketing plan to bring in new clients each and every week. (we will also help you with this)

Get Started Today

How long does it take to get my debt settlement business started? 
With close support and professional training, we can usually get your debt settlement business going within a week or two. Sooner if you have previous experience with enrolling clients.

Do I need experience? 
You do not need any previous experience to start a debt settlement company. Of course, any type of sales related experience that you may have in the past would be very beneficial, but overall you do not need any past sales experience and you do not need to know all of the business aspects to excel in the Debt Settlement business. We will train you on what you need to know and do and if you learn how to do it well, you will make a very lucrative income. We have trained many people with no sales or debt settlement negotiation experience and they have done very well with their own debt settlement companies. People with any type of previous mortgage or financial experience will almost always do very well because of their previous sales experience in the field but again, no experience at all is necessary. If you are a person who can learn quickly and is motivated to succeed, that's all you need to join us as a partner. We welcome all individuals and companies who are willing to commit to a real debt settlement business opportunity with fantastic earning possibilities.

How do I get started? 
Simply fill out the form on the top of this page or Email us today to get started! No cost to get started whatsoever. No future costs. You are in complete control of your business. We offer your back end support completely free. We provide free training to succeed. If you have a desire to succeed and are willing to learn a new business opportunity, we want you to join us today!

Email us today to get started
Start a debt settlement business today with no cost or initial investment! Free training! Free help with lead generation. Free help with client pitch. Free use of our state of the art software. Work under our brand. You are fully supported by our customer service team. Enjoy the best splits in the industry. Our back end takes care of all the work for you. You simply concentrate on enrolling clients and we do the rest.



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