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Back end Credit Repair Affiliate Program

start a credit repair bisinessBecome a Credit Repair affiliate today

Start a credit repair business today by partnering with Premier Credit Pro's. Our back end affiliate program can generate lucrative residual income for you or your business.

Premier Credit Pros is a leading Credit Repair Back End provider for individuals and businesses nationally. As a credit repair affiliate with Premier Credit Pro's, you and your clients can count on us to deliver exceptional results. Our experience and expertise in providing back end credit restoration services is unmatched in the credit restoration affiliate industry.

We provide consumers with legal credit restoration, and the deletion of negative credit items on their credit reports. You work off of our back end. You simply enroll clients and we take care of the rest. We will offer top of the line customer support and service to your clients for you. Please call 732-298-6015 for more information.

The best Credit Repair business opportunity

As one of our front end affiliates, you will be responsible for helping customers through the credit repair enrollment process. You will simply answer any questions that the customer may have and gather their information as you guide them through the enrollment process.

After the client has been enrolled, we will take care of the rest. We provide all of the back end work. You will have no need to follow-up with clients that you have signed up and they will not call you after the enrollment process because we will provide them all the rest of the back end debt settlement service that they require.

We are looking to partner with experienced financial representatives 

If you have experience with generating potential credit repair leads and are looking for a reliable back end affiliate company, then we would love to talk to you. If you are in a related financial field whether it be auto sales or finance, real estate, loan modifications, investing, or are simply an entrepreneur that is willing to work hard to generate leads, you are welcome to join our free credit repair affiliate program.

Let us show you how you can start your own credit repair business with us as your back end provider. Contact us today at 732-298-6015 so we can give you information on how to become a credit repair affiliate and start your own credit repair business.

Get Started Today

Simply call us at 732-298-6015 or Email us today to get started! There is no cost to get started. No future costs. You are in complete control of your business. We offer your our 100% back end support and customer service completely free. We will even provide free training for qualified individuals or professionals to help them succeed. If you have a desire to succeed and are willing to learn a new business opportunity, we want you to become a partner with us today! You simply concentrate on enrolling clients and we do the rest. 


We hope you found enough information on becoming a...

Starting a credit repair business

If you have been searching for information on how to start a credit repair business, we hope that this information provided has proved helpful. A credit repair business is a great way to become your own boss in a lucrative up and coming industry. Premier Credit Pros offers full support to their affiliates and they can show you how to generate leads easily in this exciting vertical.
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