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Sky Blue
Most Trustworthy Credit Repair Company!

Most Trustworthy Credit Repair Company Sky BlueSky Blue is by far one of the best credit repair companies in the entire nation. Their attention to each and every client is virtually unmatched in the online credit repair world. Their process is simple.

They take a look at all of your accounts that are appearing on the three major credit bureaus and go through them one by one looking for any misleading, incorrect or outdated information. Then they dig in further and find each and every single negative item appearing on your credit reports. They then dispute everything that they found wrong in the very first round of disputing. 

If the credit bureaus come back and verify a dispute and refuse to remove the item, Sky Blue will dig in with more advanced tactics and dispute the item(s) again in a future dispute challenging the credit agencies to be compliant and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the negative item is in fact yours. Many people believe that disputing more than once can be deemed frivolous, but the truth is (and it is your right by law) that you can dispute the item as many times as you like whether the item is yours or not.

Let's think about this. Let's say that a negative item erroneously appeared on your credit report out of the blue and the item really was not yours. Let's say it appeared because the item was somebody else's with the same name as yours. Ok so you dispute and they credit agencies come back and say that they verified the item. Would you just say - "OK, I guess there is nothing I can do". No you wouldn't. You would be angry and re-dispute the item again, and this time you would ask for a different method of validation. By law they must prove that the negative item is yours.

The credit bureaus are all third party agencies who are selling your information. They make money off of your information. Which makes it more imperative that they better make sure they get your information 100% right.

Nobody knows all of this, your rights, the process and what needs to be done better than Sky Blue. Credit repair is all they do 365 days a year. They take each case and client very seriously and they value each individual situation because they know that if they do an amazing job on your account, you will most likely refer them to friends and colleagues.

Sky Blue is the real deal when it comes to Credit Repair. They are located in Freehold NJ, but they can service clients anywhere in the United States. Everything is kept track of online and you can see your case file and progress as it is updated in real-time by signing into their client portal.

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They dispute every single negative item every single round which expedites the process 
They do not use automation tools or programs whatsoever
Couples discounts are very affordable
Best customer service we have ever experienced
Can get tough items removed like tax liens and stubborn judgments
They get the job done fast, in less than 6 months in most cases
They can help with other credit related issues
They can help rebuild your credit
They are one of the most reasonably priced credit repair companies
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No cons that we can see.

$59 per month

Sky Blue is the absolute best credit repair company that we have reviewed and that we have personally used. We used Sky Blue for 2 rounds of disputing and they removed 15 negative items from our credit reports for us during the 2 rounds. Sky Blue is a legit credit repair service that you can trust.

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We chose Sky Blue as the #1 rated credit repair firm nationally.
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