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My Credit Repair Fix is Out of Business


My Credit Repair Fix is no longer in business

My Credit Repair Fix  (Now
My Credit Repair fix credit repair review
MyCreditRepairFix was just recently acquired by one of the bigger boys in the industry, Score Cure is running the model very much the same as did with only a few small changes. We have Score Cure currently ranked as a top online company, so the acquisition is a good thing not only for existing clients, but for all involved. One of the biggest points that makes My Credit Repair Fix (Now stand out above the rest is that they fully understand that that every single individual person will have a credit report and financial situation that are completely unique.

My Credit Repair Fix (Now spends time evaluating each individual and comes up with a unique program suited to each situation. My Credit Repair Fix (Now offers comprehensive and 100% personalized programs to all of their clients. When you become a My Credit Repair Fix (Now client, they will customize your credit repair program to your exact credit situation and goals at they time you join. They will also adjust to your needs each and every month as you go along with the program.

Other credit repair companies simply put you into a computer and generate the same dispute letters for all of it's clients. Not My Credit Repair Fix! (Now They will ensure you will receive not only affordable, but premier credit report repair and superior customer service. Their programs are run by lawyers and are based upon extensive research of consumer credit laws in each State. They have years of experience with the three credit reporting agencies and know how to get deletions legally and effectively. The My Credit Repair Fix (Now programs are 100% legal and have helped thousands of consumers correct negative marks on their credit reports.

We tried the My Credit Repair Fix (Now service for 6 months and during that time, we received unbelievable personalized attention by their staff! During the six months they did 4 actual rounds of disputing for us and after the 4 rounds we had 19 deletions! They deleted five charge-offs, six 30-90 day lates, three tax liens, one public record, three inquiries and one lost/stolen account that still had a balance! Our credit score with Equifax increased 112 points in the four rounds of disputing! One of our colleagues got some stubborn items removed including a bankruptcy! This makes My Credit repair Fix (Now only the second company that we know of or have reviewed that has realized a bankruptcy deletion. See the Bankruptcy Deletion Here!

My Credit Repair Fix is also one of the most reasonably priced credit repair services. After you sign up and get started, you pay just $79.95 on a month to month basis (you only pay after the previous months services were preformed) and you can quit their services at any time.

Recently taken over by, which is one of the best companies online period!
Very professional credit repair service
Attorney operated

Great customer service
They always answer the phone or get back to clients quickly
Each client gets a personal credit coach
No complaints with the BBB
They do the little extras that other companies do not get involved with
One of the least expensive fees in the credit repair industry at just $79.95 per month
Easy online sign-up
Can cancel at any time!
Offers credit repair in all 50 States
Offers discounts for couples
They offer a full money back Satisfaction Guarantee

No cons that we can see yet.

$99.90 Setup fee and then only $79.95 per month - Cancel anytime

Recent Testimonial:

Dear Gentlemen

Thank you so much for such a great service. I just sit back each month and see deletions fall off my reports. I still can't believe that you were able to get me an unsecured credit card with a $2500 limit. I now have four usable credit cards that I am finally (thanks to you) managing wisely now. My scores are rising slowly each and every month and it is very exciting to see. I also love my control panel where I can sign in and view all my accounts and what is going on. Thank you for working so closely with me and helping me get back on track again. I could have NEVER have done it on my own!.

"Melanie from Wisconsin"


Does the My Credit Repair Fix (Now Score Cure) program really work?

Final Thoughts:
Does the My Credit Repair Fix (Now Score Cure) - Credit repair program really work? In a one word answer....Yes. My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure) is a quality credit restoration service. They offer a new refreshing approach to helping clients where they not only get items deleted but they also help rebuild their credit. My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure) is one of the best credit repair services at a $79.95 per month price point!

Clients shine within the first few months of this credit repair program and they come out spotless when they stay in until 99% of their reports are cleaned up. If you see immediate results, stay with the program until your reports are squeaky clean. It can sometimes take 6 to 12 months depending on how many blemishes a client has, but persistence does pay off with the My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure) credit repair service. The My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure)- quick credit fix service is the fastest and best way to improve credit scores.

My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure) is affiliated with real attorneys and has a long professional and successful history in the credit repair business. My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure) can help you fix bad credit fast!

My Credit repair fix (Now Score Cure) is our #1 choice on our list of the top ten best credit repair companies.  If you are looking for a company to fix your credit and coach you for free to rebuild your credit quickly then My Credit Repair Fix (Now Score Cure) is the best option to fix and raise your credit scores. If budget is a big denominator in your choice, then we recommend both My Credit Repair Fix (Now Score Cure) and Sky Blue (with a $49 set up fee).

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My Credit Repair Fix - Credit repair review


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