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Lexington Law vs. Best Legal Credit Repair

Are you considering repairing your credit, but can't decide which company to do it with? Then you have come to the right place! Our experienced credit reviewers have compiled below a side-by-side comparison of the top two credit repair companies in the country: Lexington Law and Best Legal Credit Repair. We have compared all aspects of each company so you can best decide which one to go with. Now you can decide for yourself: which is better, Lexington Law or Best Legal?

1. Lexington Law
Lexington Law vs Best Legal Credit Repair

Lexington Law has been providing excellent credit repair services for 20 years. With 200 paralegals and agents across 19 states, they ensure the highest standard of credit repair in the country.

How it Works
Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome call in which the staff will enter your credit information into their database. You will then receive an email outlining all of the negative items that appear on your credit report, and you will be instructed to click on choices of how you want Lexington to dispute each item. Lexington then creates dispute letters on your behalf and sends them out to the credit bureaus. When you receive response letters, you will have to make a copy of them and then the original to Lexington so they can track your progress and begin the next round. Lexington's customer service staff will keep you up-to-date with your results.

Actual Results
After conducting a trial run with Lexington Law, within 9 months, they got 19 negative items removed from my credit report. These deletions raised my credit score by about 100 points.

-- #1 branded name in the credit repair industry
-- Experienced consumer advocacy law firm
-- Real lawyers
-- Proven results after a year
-- Can get bankruptcies, charge-offs and liens removed
-- Answer the phone every time
-- Great customer support

-- More work on your part to go into the client area and check off the items for dispute, but it offers a more hands-on approach
-- They have some complaints from the BBB, but due to their enormous size, this is not uncommon
-- The three service and price levels can be a bit confusing

$99.95 first work fee (setup fee), then choose from 3 different plans for $59.95, $79.95 and $99.95 per month

Final Thoughts
Lexington Law is the most experienced credit repair company in the industry, and they boast 24 lawyers and over 200 paralegals. They offer proven results and do not make empty promises or offer unlawful guarantees. They are a trustworthy credit repair company.

2. Best Legal Credit Repair


Lexington Law vs Best Legal

Best Legal Credit Repair provides 100% legal credit repair services to clients in all 50 states. With over 15 years of experience, the friendly Best Legal team promises to repair your credit for a very low cost to you.

How it Works
Once you fill out the form online, you will receive a welcome call from the credit manager himself, Michael. He will go over the program with you and make sure that you know exactly what is going to be done to your credit report. He will then go through your credit report with you so you can decide together which items you would like to be disputed, and for what reasons. The credit team will then write personalized letters to your credit bureaus in order to dispute the items. Once you receive the letters, you can then scan them and send them over to the office. Within three to six months, you will see noticeable results on your credit report. Whenever items are removed or there is an update on your credit report, you will receive a phone call or email from one of the extremely friendly customer service reps.

Actual Results
After conducting a trial run with Best Legal, within 4 months, they got 22 negative items removed from my credit report.

-- Their credit repair is 100% legal
-- A- Score on the BBB
-- Excellent customer service
-- Offer personalized (not computerized) disputes for each client
-- Easy sign-in area for clients to monitor their progress
-- Affordable fee
-- They offer debt settlement services as well
-- Discounts for spouses or partners
-- Credit repair offered in all 50 states
-- Offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee

-- 5 complaints from the BBB in 5 years; all resolved

$69 per month

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for a personalized service that enables you to talk to a real person every time, instead of a computer, then Best Legal is the credit repair company for you. They offer a very legal pricing model and excellent customer service. Since Best Legal Credit Repair is affiliated with top attorneys, they guarantee a proven-to-work and legal credit repair service.

Which is Better: Lexington Law or Best Legal Credit Repair?

If you haven't already answered the ultimate question for yourself, then allow us to extend some of our own expert opinions on which credit repair is company, Lexington Law or Best Legal Credit Repair. In order to provide the best results to you, we enrolled in the credit repair programs offered by both Lexington Law and Best Legal. The information in the side-by-side comparison above and our opinions are based off of these enrollments. 

We do believe that Lexington Law has strengths in its numbers and years of experience. However, our pick for the best credit repair company in the country is Best Legal Credit Repair. The reason for our choice is this: Best Legal offers a much more personalized service for the same results and at a lower price than Best Legal. When speaking to Best Legal's credit manager, Michael, and the very friendly customer service team, we felt as though we were not just being considered a number. They created a personalized program that fit my unique credit situation perfectly, and they kept in constant communication with me throughout the process. For the low cost that we paid for Best Legal's credit repair services, we felt like we received equal, if not better, results than we did with Lexington Law.

Keep in mind, however, that everyone's credit repair situation and experience is different. Both Lexington Law and Best Legal Credit Repair are great services, and we received excellent results from both. Take a look at our individual review of Lexington Law and our Best Legal Credit Repair review for some more detailed information about how these top credit repair companies can improve your credit score and clear your credit report of negative items. Also, see our complete list of the best credit repair companies.
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