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Review of Lexington Credit Repair

Lexington Law Credit RepairLexington Law Credit Repair Best Credit Repair Company
Lexington Law Review
This review of the Lexington credit repair company is going to be done a little bit differently than our other credit repair reviews. In an effort to offer you the most valuable information possible, we will actually walk through the steps of exactly what happened when we signed up with Lexington. As a side note, we have been researching credit repair companies and have been signing up and trying their services for 2 and 1/2 half years. We actually used Lexington Law first when we started our research and our credit reports were never disputed before. We had quite a mess on our hands with 67 negatives on all 3 bureaus. People don't realize that if you ran into difficulty and stopped paying say 10 credit accounts, these 10 credit accounts all report to the 3 main credit bureaus and instead of having 10 negative marks, you will actually have 30 negative items. So for clarification when we say how many items were deleted, it may have been one account but would count as three deletions if they were deleted from all three credit bureaus.

Steps of how we signed up with Lexington Law and details of what happened

1. After we signed up online (this step was very easy) we received a welcome email and a phone call. We needed to forward our credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. We were already signed up with and we simply emailed our sign-on information and they signed on to true credit and got all the information from the 3 bureaus.

2. Their staff then entered our information into their database and emailed us to sign-in to the client area and review our Valet. It had all our negative items in there and we simply clicked on the choices of how we wanted Lexington Law to dispute each negative item. Choices were "Not mine" or "I was never late on this account" and a few others. All you need to do is pick one for each negative item. You could even choose them NOT to dispute a particular account, but for the most part you want them to dispute them all. It did take a little bit of time but it was quite easy.

3. Lexington Law created dispute letters on our behalf and immediately sent them to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate the dispute. After that, they must inform you of their results and send you a copy of your updated report. It usually took about 20-40 days from the day they sent a dispute to the day we received an updated report. When we received the response (and updated copy of our report) from a bureau, we simply made a copy of the updated report for our records and then sent the originals to Lexington Law. Note:
It is important to forward each updated report to them as soon as received so they can track which items were deleted and they can start the next round.

Lexington Law got 3 deletions for us on the very first round! See information below summing up our 9 months with Lexington (5 rounds of disputing).

This first chart below is before we started with Lexington Law

What the Credit Bureaus were reporting on us - 67 total Negative Items

With Experian, there were 26 total negative, 6 charge-offs, 10 collections/delinquent, 5 public records and 5 inquiries. With Trans Union, there were 20 total negative, 4 charge-offs, 5 collections/delinquent, 8 public records and 3 inquiries. With Equifax , there were 21 total negative, 6 charge-offs, 5 collections/delinquent, 6 public records and 4 inquiries.

What Lexington Law got deleted for us in 9 months (5 rounds of disputing)

With Experian , the new item total was 24. There were -1 charge-offs, 0 collections/delinquent, 0 public records and -1 inquiries. With Trans Union , the new item total was 14, there were -3 charge-offs, -2 collections/delinquent, -3 public records, and -2 inquiries. With Equifax , the new item total was 17, there were -3 charge-offs, -1 collections/delinquent, -2 public records and -1 inquiries.

Lexington realized 19 deletions for us in 9 months.
When we started we had 67 total negative items.
When Lexington finished we had 48 negative items left.

Credit score Changes (Actual Fico Scores)

Experian went from a 523 to a 592
Trans Union went from a 586 to a 622
Equifax went from a 560 to a 642

As you can see, we got quite a bit of deletions but still had a bad credit score. It was improved dramatically though. The main thing that Lexington did is that they disputed each and every month and we saw items drop off almost every single round. The only reason we did not continue was because we wanted to try all of the credit repair companies so we can make our top 10 credit repair companies list.

A lot of people think that credit repair is a quick fix but that is simply not always true. It depends on your situation and it can take anywhere from a few rounds of disputing to over a year depending on how many negative items you have. Some items are much tougher to remove, so be patient and keep grinding until your credit reports are cleaned up considerably over time. Your results may vary. You may have quicker and better results than we did. But YOU WILL see results!

Lexington surely gets the job done when it comes to credit repair. Let them do the work for you each month and remember to keep paying your accounts on time while disputing and try not to apply for new credit until your numbers improve.

See more of our actual Lexington Law Deletions

Other Actual Clients Results

Gregory from London Kentucky - 51 removals
Kelly from Shamong NJ - 82 removals
Rory from Ward Hill Massachusetts - 89 removals

John from Eustis Florida - 96 removals

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The Lexington Law results are amazing, but are they legal?

Yes. Disputing questionable items on your credit report is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA.) Legitimate credit report repair is as legal as pleading "not guilty" in a court of law. It is entirely within your rights, and the freedom to do so is protected by law. Using Lexington Law is completely legal as they simply dispute on your behalf. They know the laws and loop holes and are able to get deletions quickly for you.

About Lexington Law credit repair

Lexington Law began consumer law in 1991. They are one of the oldest firms in the credit repair industry and they have assisted more clients than any other credit repair related company in the United States. Lexington Law has served over 1/2 million clients since inception. Lexington Law also employs more lawyers, agents and paralegals than any other credit repair company or firm. They have about 250 total employees including a network of 24 lawyers in 19 states.
Lexington Law is a real brick-and-mortar business located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are not just another run of the mill online credit repair shop. Lexington Law  is an actual consumer advocacy law firm. In 2011 Lexington Law firm removed over 2.5 million negative items for their clients and they publish a great breakdown of these records for every quarter on their website..


#1 Branded name in the credit repair industry
Lexington Law is an experienced consumer advocacy law firm
Lexington Law is a real brick and mortar law firm with real lawyers working for you
Proven results year after year
Consistently gets bankruptcies, Charge Offs and Liens removed
They have 100's of testimonials that you can read on their website
They answer the phone when you call your case advisor
Great customer support

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It's a little more work on your part to go into the client login area and check off what to dispute but it gives you more control than other companies offer. Yes, they have had some complaints with the BBB, but they serve an enormous amount of people so some complaints are not unordinary. The fact that they realized over 650,000 deletions in 2008 makes the small amount of complaints is insignificant in our opinion. Three service levels can be a bit confusing as to what they offer. Go for the $79.95 or the $99.95 per month plan if you can afford it.

$99.95 first work fee (setup fee) - then choose from 3 different plans $59.95 - $79.95 - $99.95 per month

Final thoughts on our review of Lexington Law Credit repair

Final Thoughts:

Lexington Law is the most experienced credit repair company in the industry. They boast 24 actual Lawyers as well as over 200 paralegals. We have used the Lexington Law service for 9 months and can attest that their company is legit and that their credit repair service really works. They offer public published results. Lexington Law does not make empty promises or offer unlawful guarantees. They publicly offer their statistics and results that show how their services have consistently produced outstanding results for clients, removal after removal, year after year.

Visit Lexington Law online and get started now!


Lexington Law is the true pioneer of Credit repair as they single handedly brought credit repair to an online audience in 1995. They are one of the oldest (most mature) credit repair companies and are still one of the undisputed best credit repair solutions online.

See the Lexington Law Credit Repair website

Lexington Law Credit Repair

Lexington Law Reviews

Choosing a credit repair company that you can trust among the many different great companies out there can be extremely challenging. One simple way to make the decision, however, is to look at reviews of Lexington Law Firm. We have compiled here the most valuable information that is available to the public about Lexington Law.

Due to our extensive credit repair experience and knowledge, we have put together one of the most helpful Lexington Law Reviews for you. Are you still interested in looking at other credit repair companies? Then check out our guide to the best credit repair companies. Our top-notch reviews are guaranteed to make your credit repair company choice 100% easier!
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