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How Much does Credit Repair Cost?

A 10-part Credit Repair Guide

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how much does credit repair costHow Much is Credit Repair?
Technically, credit repair is free if you choose the do-it-yourself option.  Disputing errors on your credit report doesn't necessitate coughing up a bundle of cash.  However, using that logic, virtually anything in this life is free.  Repairing your vehicle can be free, if you do it yourself.  But unless you possess great automotive knowledge, your car won't run smoothly unless you hire a professional mechanic for the job.

Like any business, some credit restoration services are more costly than others.  If a company charges a ton of up-front fees, then you have the right to be wary.  You shouldn't encounter any major fees until services are rendered (a.k.a. when you actually see results).  Otherwise, the credit repair service is given very little incentive to repair your credit.  Why should the company strive to deliver positive results, when you've already handed over your money?

When evaluating the cost of credit repair services, it's helpful to weight out the pros and cons.  How much more will it cost you if you continue living with poor to average credit?  How much more money will you pay in interest rates?  And that's if you get approved for a loan in the first place!  If you keep getting rejected for mortgage loans and you have no alternative means of living (i.e.:  moving in with family), you could be out on the street!

At Sky Blue Credit Repair, clients are charged $69.00 per month, which is an affordable cost to repair credit.  Certain credit repair organizations may require lower fees, but deliver substandard results.  Many credit report repair services like to cut corners and dispute items on your reports using automated, computerized dispute letters.  Using such a method may not effectively alleviate your credit, as everyone's financial situation is unique. Sky Blue Credit Repair offers personalized disputes, allowing the credit bureaus to better understand why each negative item on your report needs to be removed.

Also, people who sign up for Sky Blue's credit repair services can cancel anytime and there's a money-back guarantee.  If at, any time, you feel that using their credit repair programs isn't beneficial to you, you're not obligated to pay another cent.
What other Factors affect the Cost of Credit Repair?
How much you pay for credit repair is also predicated upon the length of your credit repair program.  Someone with average credit may only need to make some minor credit report disputes.  For that individual, the credit repair program may only last 3 months, requiring approximately $210.00 in credit repair fees.  If you're suffering from poor credit (i.e.:  below 600), it may take you 9 months or longer and you will  have to pay a significantly higher amount.  Nevertheless, it's still a better option than letting your credit dwindle for the remainder of your financial life.

Cost of Credit Repair Services

Go to Part 4  How Long Does Credit Repair Take?
Is there such thing as "fast credit repair"?  Find out the approximate length of your average credit repair program and why some programs take longer than others.

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