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How Long does Credit Repair Take

A 10 part Credit Repair Guide

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how long does credit repair takeHow Long does Credit Repair take?
If you're planning on undergoing credit repair, I'm sure one of your burning questions is:  How long does it take to fix your credit?  Like several aspects of credit repair, there is no definite answer, but with quality credit repair services (i.e.:  Sky Blue) the time frame is generally 4-8 months.

You won't fix bad credit overnight.  There is such thing as fast credit repair, but "fast" doesn't mean two weeks or even two months.  When you see an ad guaranteeing fast credit repair, don't take it too literally.  Since your average consumer isn't a "credit professional," these ads purposely manipulate people into thinking their credit scores will improve instantaneously after signing up for these programs. 

If you possess a significant degree of legitimate debt, that will further hinder the credit repair process.  After all, the intention of professional credit repair companies is to "legally" remove negative items from your reports.  If you've consistently submitted late payments to all three of your credit cards and you've defaulted on your student loans, don't expect a credit repair company to wave a magic wand and fix your credit for good.

When enrolling in a credit repair program, one helpful hint to keep in mind is that newer debts affect you more than older debts.  Most negative information (i.e.:  debts, collection accounts, charge-offs) must be removed after 7 years.  Bankruptcies, however, must be at least 10 years old to be removed.

To completely repair bad credit, it may take a number of years, especially if you've filed bankruptcy previously. However, that's not to say that your credit won't improve over a moderately short period of time. In 9 months, your score won't transform from a 600 to a 720, but it could transform into a 620 (a significant improvement). Act now to fix your credit.

how long does the credit repair process take

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