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Fowler and Fowler Review

Fowler and Fowler credit repair reviewsFowler and Fowler Credit Repair
Fowler and Fowler Credit Repair Review
Fowler and Fowler Credit and Debt Solutions is by far one of the best overall credit repair companies online. If you are looking for a legit credit repair company that gets the job done, then Fowler and Fowler credit repair should be your first choice. With Fowler and Fowler, all clients receive personalized (not computerized) attention to their cases. All clients are kept in the loop during each and every stage of the process. Clients have instant 24 hour, seven day a week access to their account so that they can see first hand what is happening during their credit repair program. Their online portal shows their clients all of their accounts across all three major credit bureaus so that they can see exactly what is happening on each credit report, for each credit account during the entire duration of the program.
Fowler and Fowler is a professional credit repair company with years of experience in credit repair. Fowler and Fowler will communicate and dispute on your behalf to the three major credit agencies. The one thing that makes Fowler and Fowler stand out from the rest is that they do not apply only one or two strategies to repair credit. Most other credit repair companies will simply plug you into a computer and spit out a pre-made duplicated dispute letter for all clients. Fowler and Fowler does not do that. They go way beyond by taking on any measures that they deem necessary to get the job done.
They are one of the only credit repair companies that will actually go the extra yard and telephone your creditors and/or collection agencies. Bottom line is that they will communicate through many different mediums for which they feel is the best for your particular situation, including; internet, telephone, fax, e-mail and/or written communications to help you get deletions of your negative marks.
Fowler and Fowler Credit and Debt Solutions will also monitor the correction and deletion of negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports for as long as you remain enrolled in their program. Their customer service is the best we have ever seen. We know from experience that they will stay on top of your case by doing FULL investigations and disputes, with the bureaus, AND the creditors, collections agencies and courthouses while you are in their program.

Fowler and Fowler has extensive knowledge of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003, Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act, the HIPAA and the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act. They also have years of experience and time proven documents, letters and all types of forms to get the job done. In short, we are quite certain that Fowler and Fowler can negative inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information removed from your credit reports.

Our results  

We used Fowler and Fowler Credit and Debt Solutions for ten months with truly amazing results. In the ten month period, Fowler and Fowler realized 21 deletions for us. Of the 21 total deletions, 5 were VERY STUBBORN tax liens, 5 were collection accounts, 10 were public record judgements and 1 was a 90 day late deletion.
Out of the 21 total deletions, 11 were from Equifax, 6 were from TransUnion and 4 deletions were from Experian®. 

An amazing 11 deletions from one dispute!

I don't know what Fowler and Fowler did on this one, but this was the best single dispute that we have ever seen.

On one single dispute to Equifax, Fowler and Fowler was able to get 11 deletions including...

4 Charge-offs
2 Judgements
4 Tax Liens
1 Collection

See proof of the 11 deletions by clicking on the links below

Fowler & Fowler Deletions page 1

Fowler & Fowler Deletions Page 2

They dispute ALL negative items on the very first round (most companies only dispute 5 at a time)
They get deletions right from the very beginning of the program (meaning very quickly)
They offer personalized credit repair
They do not use a run of the mill computerized system
Professional online client portal to track your progress
Easy online sign-up
Offers spousal discount
They use unique effective strategies to repair credit
They can get stubborn charge offs, collections accounts, and judgements removed from your reports
They can effectively remove bankruptcies
They can also help with student loans, tax liens, and slow pays and even inquiries.
No long term commitments, clients can quit at any time
They offer a free Credit Report Evaluation

Fill out their Quick online form to get started now

A little bit of work to get started as you need to send them some pertinent information (like copy of drivers license and social security card) to get started

$59.00 Credit Report Audit/Analysis Fee - Then payments of $59.00 a month beginning one month later for the work done the previous month.

Does Fowler and Fowler credit repair really work?

Final Thoughts:
We feel that Fowler and Fowler is one of the absolute best credit repair companies in the industry. They did an amazing job for us as well as for some of our close colleagues. We developed a positive relationship and spoke directly with the owner Michael Fowler.
Fowler and Fowler knows how to repair credit score.

Visit Fowler and Fowler Credit Repair to Started Now!

We feel that Fowler and Fowler is one of the best top 10 credit repair solutions online. They have the experience to get the job done. Their pricing is below the industry average for credit repair. We picked Fowler and Fowler as one of the top 10 best overall credit repair companies.

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