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Disputing Credit Reports

A 10-part Credit Repair Guide

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disputing credit reportsHow Do I Dispute Items on my Credit Report?
After reviewing all negative items on your credit reports, the next step in the credit repair process is to dispute them with your three credit bureaus.  As with requesting your credit report once a year, disputing a credit report is 100% legal under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The first step in disputing credit reports is to print two copies of your credit report.  Remember that all inaccurate items must be circled. 

Write a letter to the credit bureau; including your name, address, and today's date.  In detailed language, explain the errors on your report and why they must be removed.  Include any documents that help support your case.  Make a copy of the letter to keep in your records.

Mail your letter, credit report, and all supporting documents to the credit bureau via certified mail.  At the post office, be sure to request a return receipt, so you'll know exactly when the credit bureau received the letter.

Now that you've informed the credit bureau, it's time to write a letter to the creditor that provided the inaccurate data.  Explain why the data is inaccurate and ask the creditor to update your records.  Just like with your letter to the credit bureau, include any supporting documents and make a copy of the letter for your records.  Send the letter and documents via certified mail and request a return receipt. 

If you don't feel equipped to deal with the creditors and credit bureaus, enrolling in a credit repair program can save you plenty of time and energy.  When you sign up for credit repair services, the credit counselors will dispute the negative items for you.

At Sky Blue Credit Repair, the counselors have over 15 years of experience in the credit industry and know how to properly send out credit report disputes.  Unlike many other credit repair companies, they will send personalized credit repair letters that will be unique to your financial situation. Visit to fix your credit now!

how to properly dispute items on credit reports

Go to Part 8 — Wait for Responses from Credit Agencies
Now that you've sent out the credit report disputes, your next step is to wait for responses from credit agencies.  How long will it take for the agencies to respond?  Will your negative items be removed immediately?  Find out the answers in the next section of our credit repair guide.

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