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Reviews of the best NJ Credit Repair Companies: We have researched several NJ Credit repair services and these are our choices for the best New Jersey credit repair companies.

1. Best credit repair company in NJ - Sky Blue - Sky Blue Review

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair Our Editorial pick for best overall credit repair service! A Top NJ credit repair service!
Serving New Jersey businesses and residents
Although Sky Blue Credit repair is located at 131 N Swinton Ave in Delray Beach, Florida, they do serve New Jersey residents as well as consumers nationwide. Sky Blue is a well branded firm that has served thousands of NJ residents over the years. has researched many credit repair companies over the past five plus years and is confident that Sky Blue Credit is one of the best overall credit repair period. This is by far, one of the best credit repair companies serving NJ as well as all of the United States. Give Sky Blue Credit a call today at 888-968-6257 or take a moment and visit their website for more information. See our full review of Sky Blue Credit.

: Sky Blue has an A+ rating with the better business bureau. Sky Blue has 20 years experience. They provide the absolute best in customer service that we have seen yet. Name branded recognition. Gets tough items deleted like tax liens! Very simple sign-up. 100% Money back guarantee that they will stand fully behind. 17 deletions in 7 months! See actual Sky Blue Creditor Deletion. See actual Tax Lien removed from Sky Blue Credit Repair. Offers credit repair in all 50 States.

Here are two more really amazing selling points of why you should consider Sky Blue

1. They really do offer the only completely condition-free 90 day money back guarantee in the business

2. Customers have full control of their billing dates, and may pause membership with the click of a button

Cons: No cons that we know of.

Pricing: $79 Review/Setup fee. Then just $79 per month.

See the Sky Blue Credit Repair Website


2. Best Credit Repair Company Serving NJ! - The Credit People - Cheapest set up fee at $19!

DSI Solutions Credit repair

The Credit People DSI Solutions Credit repair Great Credit repair service!
The Credit People (formally DSI Solutions) is not only the most reliable credit repair company that we know of, but when it comes to price, - no other company even comes close to The Credit People for reliable credit repair in NJ. The Credit People offers credit repair in all 50 states but as New Jersey residents ourselves, we have used The Credit People with amazing results. can personally attest that The Credit People's unique six-month credit repair program is one of the fastest, best and most affordable credit repair services available not only for NJ residents but for anyone, anywhere, online.

One of our colleagues tried the 6 month program with amazing results. The Credit People realized 18 deletions in total, including a Bankruptcy! This is one of only two credit repair services where we have known someone who personally realized a bankruptcy deletion by using a credit repair service. His Fico score went from a dismal 528 to a 704 on Equifax within 6 months. They also deal directly with creditors to get deletions! The Credit People is also one of the cheapest credit repair services that we have found. They only charge a $19 Set-up fee and then 3 easy payments of $89. This pricing is for 6 months of full service credit repair.

If you have bad credit and live in NJ or anywhere beyond and you're looking for a reliable credit repair service, Let The Credit People work for you and can legally repair your credit, and raise your credit score. They have a great guarantee where if there is not an improvement in your report or score, they will give you all your money back and an extra $50!

Pro's: Very reputable branded name. Least expensive credit repair in the entire credit repair industry. They know the laws in NJ as well as all 50 states and they show excellent results. One of the few credit repair companies that gets results with Experian! They can get NJ bankruptcies removed. (or bankruptcies from any state). They offer the best guarantee where they will give you your money back... plus $50 if there is not a definite improvement to your credit reports! Least expensive set-up fee at just $19! See actual The Credit People Deletions. See actual very rare The Credit People Experian Deletions! See actual The Credit People Creditor Deletion.

Cons: No cons that we can see yet!

Pricing: $19 Setup fee and then 3 easy payments of $89.

See The Credit People Website



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