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Debt Settlement in NJ that really works! Website  
The best overall credit counseling company offering Debt settlement!

DEBT SETTLEMENT offers a Debt settlement program that is a unique, cost-effective debt management approach to becoming debt free. Debt settlement helps you to reduce or eliminate credit card debt completely in just 12 to 24 months!

Debt settlement can help you to:
Eliminate credit card debt, Avoid Bankruptcy, Avoid Creditor Harassment, Lower Monthly Payments and ultimately get Out of Debt. This solution is well recognized by the banks and  creditors as an intelligent and effective way of getting out of financial hardship.

How to get started
If you are looking for alternate ways to free yourself from debt and avoid bankruptcy, just fill out their free,
no obligation application on their website or fill out the form below to find out more about how their debt settlement program they can help you to become debt free.

The LowerMyDebtToday program enables you to solve the underlying problems of high debt without taking drastic steps such as declaring bankruptcy or committing yourself to a long-term debt consolidation loan. It is a negotiated agreement between you and your unsecured creditors and it works.


Your creditors agree to:
Reduce the amount of your monthly payments to one you can afford. Eliminate or reduce your high interest rates. STOP late and over limit fees, as well as other charges.

Our overall review of

Services Offered: Debt settlement.
Pro's: This is one of the best companies that offers Debt settlement. Very professional and courteous team. Member of the international association of professional debt arbitrators and the U.S.O.B.A. They offer a free initial consultation. No obligation. Founded by an attorney. will gets the job done and you will become debt free!
Cons: You must reach out first and contact them for a free quote and consultation for pricing. (Not really a con but that's the way it is)
Pricing: Must sign up for a free quote. No obligation. Prices are very reasonable and are figured by a few variables including the amount of creditors and debt that you have.
Bottom line: If you are looking for Credit counseling companies in NJ or Debt management companies in NJ then let be your first choice. Be careful of companies that are not members of the International association of professional debt arbitrators and the U.S.O.B.A. or are not licenced to work in New Jersey. can help NJ residents with Debt Settlement. Not only do they offer services in NJ but they also service 48 other states. Fill out theier no obligation form to see if they can serve you today.

Simply fill out their free, no obligation application

How the Debt Help Program works

Your restructured debt help program will allow you to avoid taking the drastic measure of declaring bankruptcy or committing yourself to a long term debt consolidation loan that doesn't really solve the underlying problem.

By negotiating terms such as lowering your presently HIGH interest rates, a greater portion of each payment is applied toward your balance, instead of mostly paying off interest. You can drastically cut your pay off time from 15-30 years down to 2-4 years. This debt help program will result in saving you thousands of hard earned dollars in finance charges.

1st. The First Step is yours:
Simply fill out their short
debt help online form.

2nd. A Customized Plan Is Created
After receiving all the pertinent information about your debts & finances, a financial counselor will review and prepare a program tailored to meet your specific needs. You will be then contacted at the number you provided within 24 hours.

3rd. Approve The Agreement
The plan is then sent to you for approval. Simply sign the forms and fax it in.

4th. You Become Debt Free
Due to the eliminated or reduced interest rate(s), most of your payment will be paying off principal instead of interest. By cutting the pay off time from 15-30 years down to 4-6 years can drastically save you thousands of dollars in finance charges.

Take control of your debt today and sign up for a FREE debt consolidation consultation.



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