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Can I be sued while going through a debt settlement Program

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DEbt solutionsCan I be Sued while going through Debt Settlement?
It is possible to get sued while in a debt settlement program, but as long as you honor your agreement, you should be in the clear.  Keep in mind that these creditors are doing you a favor by allowing you to submit lower lump sum payments each month.  Because of your financial hardship, they're willing to work with you and let you submit a fraction of what you owe per month on minimum payments.

Consider this scenario:  You owe a friend $100.00, but a year has gone by and you still haven't paid him back.  Finally, you promise to give him $50.00.  Three months go by and your friend never sees that $50.00.  Don't be surprised when that friend aggressively demands his money back.

Debt settlement is often a last-ditch effort before filing bankruptcy. However, if you're nearly flat broke and on the brink of bankruptcy, chances are good that you may not be able to honor your debt help agreement. Therefore, don't be surprised if you encounter a lawsuit.

The chance of a lawsuit also hinges upon the quality of your debt settlement company. Unfortunately, there are fraudulentdebt settlement services out there that will hold onto your monthly payments and fail to distribute that money to your creditors.  That's one in case in which it is the fault of your debt settlement company and not your financial irresponsibility.

All that being said, given how many accounts fall delinquent each year, lawsuits created to collect money on a debt are becoming less and less common.  After all, it costs the courts money to sue someone. 

Can my Wages be Garnished while going through a Debt Settlement Program?

In truth, wage garnishment is mainly a scare tactic used by creditors to scare debtors into committing to a payment schedule, whether or not they have the funds available. Actual wage garnishments actions are rare.  And if they do occur, you will receive advanced warning.

Wage garnishment cannot occur instantaneously. First your creditor must bring a lawsuit and obtain a judgment.  At that point, you will be given the opportunity to pay up.  In other words, nobody can garnish your wages without court approval.

If your wages have been garnished previously, settling your debt may be more difficult. You've already given the creditors a method of collecting your funds, so why should they opt for a lower paying option?  However, if your debt settlement plan accelerates the repayment of debt, creditors are frequently willing to negotiate.

OK, so now that you know whether or not you can be sued during your debt settlement process or whether or not your wages can be garnished during a debt settlement program, let's move on to the part of our 10 part debt settlement guide.
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10 part debt guide

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