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Best Debt Settlement company - #1

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Best Credit Repair company - #1


If you find that you need to settle back taxes with the IRS make sure you use a tax relief professional. There are many methods to settling back taxes with the IRS successfully. There are thousands of people that cannot pay taxes owed annually. A good tax settlement company can reduce the amount of taxes you owe considerably while eliminating any penalties and interest that have grown. This is our review for the best tax debt settlement company.

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#1. Best IRS Tax Settlement Company - Debt Consolidation Care

DebtConsolidationCare Best Debt Settlement Company

Debt Consolidation Care Best overall tax debt settlement company #1 Tax Settlement!
"Debt Consolidation Care" is a New Jersey based tax settlement company that can help you settle your back taxes and stop garnishments or bank levies. "Debt Consolidation Care" is experienced in dealing with the IRS and has helped thousands of clients not only in NJ but in all 50 states in the US. "Debt Consolidation Care" is one of the top ranked tax debt settlement companies in the United States. The tax relief company is run and operated by an attorney that has years of experience in the collection and tax debt industry. They can settle your taxes for a fraction of what you owe and they can stop any problems with garnishments, penalties and interest. "Debt Consolidation Care" will analyze your financial situation and guide you on the best options choices regarding your current specific tax problems.

To get a free tax debt settlement consultation, click on this link and fill out their quick form!

Types of tax settlements that Debt Consolidation Care can achieve for you:

"Debt Consolidation Care" can settle your taxes through a wide variety of methods. They will give you a completely free tax debt consultation and determine which is the best for your situation. The most common method of settling back taxes is an Installment Agreement. Once an installment payment plan agreement is accepted, the IRS will consider you to be on good standing as long as you make your payments on time and meet the minimum payment amount each month while you are in the program.

Other common tax negotiation and tax settlement methods are a Partial Payment Installment Agreement where you will pay a small percentage of your original tax debt, an offer in compromise where you can settle your tax debt amounts owed for far less than the original amount owed.

Getting Declared Currently Uncollectible. If the IRS determines that you are currently uncollectible, they can halt all collection actions against you! Debt Consolidation Care has helped many individuals and companies by getting them declared uncollectible where they end up paying no taxes at all!

Letting Statute of Limitations Expire. The IRS typically has 10 years to collect taxes owed. If 10 years passes and the IRS has not collected, "Debt Consolidation Care" can fight for you so that by law, the IRS can no longer come after you and collect these tax amounts.

If possible, sometimes "Debt Consolidation Care" can help consumers with figuring out ways to Paying Taxes Owed in Full. If there is a way to take out a home equity loan or borrow money from somewhere, the consumer can then pay their taxes in full and all IRS actions you will cease against them. "Debt Consolidation Care" can still negotiate a lower payoff amount and/or eliminate any previous penalties and interest.

Most consumers or businesses that owe back taxes usually also owe a hefty amount of penalties on top of the tax debt amount owed. Penalties and interest can grow out of control and can add significantly to the majority of the tax amount owed. Again "Debt Consolidation Care" can help by negotiating with the IRS to abate part of or all of their penalties accrued on their tax debt if they can show a legitimate reason for not being able to pay.

Lastly, another common method of settling tax debts is when the individual Proves Financial Hardship to the IRS.

Taxpayers that are unable to pay taxes because they have other existing debts and/or no cash, no assets, or simply do not have the ability to pay can get their tax debts significantly reduced or eliminated by proving financial hardship to the IRS.

"Debt Consolidation Care" offers a free tax settlement consultation and you are under no obligation. "Debt Consolidation Care" has the experience settle tax debt problems quickly and efficiently and is our choice for the best overall tax debt settlement company. For immediate help and free advice, please take the time to visit their website and fill out their quick tax debt settlement form. "Debt Consolidation Care" has the knowledge and experience to settle debt quickly and efficiently.

Fill out their quick tax debt consultation form and see how they can help you settle your tax debt once and for all!

Don't be worried and do not put it off any longer. There are many of individuals, small companies, and large business that have run into tax debt problems. Tax debt help is easily obtainable with "Debt Consolidation Care"! Get rid of your income tax problems forever! Get that uncomfortable weight lifted off your shoulders and get your life back to normal!

Services Offered: Tax Settlement. Tax debt help. Free tax debt settlement consultations. Professional Debt Settlement Programs.
Pro's: They deal directly with the IRS. They can settle tax debts by a variety strong methods. Very professional and highly organized tax negotiation company. They offer a free no obligation tax debt consultation and analysis of your current financial situation. All consultations are confidential and they will never share your information. Attorney based and founded. Real Lawyers working on your behalf (be weary of tax settlement companies that do not have real lawyers.) Member of many prestigious organizations including the US chamber of commerce, the NJ State chamber of commerce and the International Association of professional debt arbitrators. Highly ranked on several websites as the best overall tax and debt settlement company. They get tax debt problems resolved quickly. They can settle tax in all 50 states.
Cons: You must stick with your payment plan if you go on one. Not really a con because that should be obvious. Not completing your payment plan will create much worse problems with the IRS. Other than that, no cons at all.
Pricing: Free tax debt settlement help. No obligation tax debt consultation. There is no obligation whatsoever on your part. Reasonable fees will explained should you join the program.

Get a free tax settlement consultation from Debt Consolidation Care - Click Here to get started


#2. Best IRS Tax Settlement Company - Debt Consolidation Care
Got Taxes tax negotiation and dept settlement companies
Got Taxes Best overall tax debt settlement company
Main Office: 4400 Route 9 South, Suite 1000, Freehold, NJ
Other convenient locations throughout NJ and NY

Got Taxes is a CPA firm specializing in Tax Planning and Preparation, Audits, Financial Statements reporting, IRS Problems and Tax Liens, Personal Financial Planning, Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy services, Insurance services (Life, Health, Workers Comp), Retirement Planning (including Estates and Trusts), and Bookkeeping services.

If you find that you need to settle back taxes with the IRS or the State make sure you use the right tax professionals. There are many methods to settling back taxes with the IRS successfully. A good tax settlement company can reduce the amount of taxes you owe considerably while eliminating penalties and even interest that have grown. A good tax settlement company can also back-file your taxes for you if needed. This is our review for tax debt and tax settlement.

We are a NJ based CPA firm with offices both in NJ and NY, however we handle clients in all States. Got Taxes first opened its doors as a boutique accounting firm and today, we've grown to become a top-ranked CPA and Advisory company serving clients throughout the region.

Clients appreciate our personal attention and focus on their specific needs. We provide services to individuals, families and small businesses, and can especially help those with more complicated financial lives make good decisions at tax time and throughout the year.

Our firm practices in the areas of Taxes | Audits | Retirement | Insurance. However, as we mentioned we also help with Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement among other matters. We help our clients achieve their personal, professional and financial growth.

As Certified Public Accountants (CPA's), Consultants, Brokers, and Attorneys, our professionals have many years of experience with a proven and competent track record.

Call or Visit us for a Free Consultation! | 1-877-468-8293 or


Tax debt negotiation help

About our review of the best tax debt settlement company

Debt Consolidation Care and Got Taxes are experienced at handling tax debt. They know how to deal with IRS Bank Levies, a tax levy placed on a consumer and/or any wage levies placed on a consumer. Of all of the tax settlement companies we have investigated, we have found Debt Consolidation Care and Got Taxes to be the overall best. The IRS is one of the toughest collection agencies out there and if you desire to deal with them on your own (without proper expert representation) it is akin to going to court without a tax attorney. You will not do well.

An IRS levy is the actual seizure action taken by the IRS to collect back taxes. For example, the IRS can issue a bank levy to take all of your cash in your savings and checking accounts. They can freeze these accounts and handcuff you permanently.

The IRS can levy your wages or accounts receivable and all other sources of income as well. The person, company, or institution that is served the levy must comply. If they do not comply, they too may have daunting IRS (legal) problems and will surely need the best tax relief services.

Things to consider

Before you choose any type of tax debt representation, you should check out the company or service with your local area consumer protection agency and the State Chamber of Commerce of where the business is located. Does the debt settlement company belong to the local Chamber of Commerce? If so, is the Chamber an accredited member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Unites States? This is a good sign that the company is in good standing and is really out to help with your best interests in mind. It is also a good idea of the tax debt settlement company is member of The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (which is the Industry leading Professional Debt Arbitration & Debt Settlement Certification). We also recommend that the debt settlement company you are considering is accredited by The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). 

Use Due Diligence

Does the tax debt company representative answer all of your questions? Does the representative make you feel pressured? Do not leap into any deal that does not seem right or that you do not feel comfortable with. If a company is not willing to
provide any type of proof of their experience, you should also stay away.


Debt Consolidation Care and Got Taxes are professional tax settlement companies that are experienced in negotiating tax debt with the IRS. They are one of only a few reputable tax debt companies that are available online. Be careful when choosing tax settlement companies online as many are not reputable or attorney operated like Debt Consolidation Care and Got Taxes are.


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