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Balloons Aloft, Inc. Hunterdon County, NJ

Balloons Aloft, Inc.

The best way to see beautiful Hunterdon County is with Balloons Aloft, Inc.!

Reviews of Balloons Aloft, Inc. NJBalloons fly either at Sunrise or before Sunset. The drama of a “Glow” is unsurpassed and exciting to see! After a beautiful flight it is wonderful to see a gorgeous sunset.

Flights last about an hour, and take place in beautiful Hunterdon County, NJ. Balloons launch from Sky Manor Airport, Pittstown, NJ. The landscape is a combination of untouched wooded areas, farmland and lovely villages and towns. Enjoy the sensation of floating above the land and leaving your worries and stresses behind.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride makes a Great Gift!! Give Balloons Aloft, Inc. a call. They'll send a beautiful Suitable-for-Framing photo Gift Certificate for that Special Someone.

Rates: $215.00 per person.
When you book for 4 or more passengers: $175.00 per person.

Exclusive Flight: $595.00 for two. This ensures you will have a private trip (with the pilot, of course).
Your adventure includes an approximately 1-hour flight, digital photos sent to Facebook for you, a bottle of Champagne, a Certificate of Ascension and a CD of all your photos in full resolution!!

Your View from Above:

Balloons Aloft, Inc. Reviews

Take a look at Hunterdon County New Jersey from a Balloons Aloft, Inc. hot air balloon.

Warren County, NJ balloon festival:
Balloons Aloft, Inc. Reviews, Photos and Prices

Looks like those balloons are popping out of the corn!

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An unbeatable experience of a lifetime!

Balloons Aloft, Inc. Hunterdon County New Jersey
The passengers aloft are treated to a serene, fantastic, sometimes dream-like panorama. The experience of floating aloft is unparalleled for the novice as well as the experienced passenger. You can give yourself over to the sensation of floating above the land and away from your daily worries and stress. See things from a different perspective-it's fun and stimulating and extraordinary all at the same time!

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Balloons Aloft, Inc. reviews and information

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Contact Balloons Aloft, Inc.

There are several ways to contact Balloons Aloft, Inc.:
Email: [email protected]

908-996-3333 or toll free 1-866-800-4FUN

Ready to book a flight?: Online Reservation Form

Where we meet for our flights: Sky Manor Airport, 48 Sky Manor Road, Pittstown, NJ (FOR GPS, NOT MAILING)

Balloons Aloft, Inc. Hunterdon County, NJ Reviews and Photos

We hope you've enjoyed...

Balloons Aloft, Inc.

See Hunterdon County from the vantage point of just above the treetops to thousands of feet in the air, if you’re up for it! Let Balloons Aloft, Inc. take you on the adventure of a lifetime by riding high above Hunterdon County and seeing NJ like no one else!
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