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Abma's Farm

Address: 700 Lawlins Road, Wyckoff, NJ
Phone: 201-891-0278
Pick your own: Pumpkins

DePiero's Farm, Inc.

Address: 300 W. Grand Ave., Montvale, NJ
Phone: 201-391-4576
Pick your own: Pumpkins

Demarest Farms

Address: 244 Werimus Road, Hillsdale, NJ
Phone: 201-666-0472
Pick your own: Apples, pumpkins, peaches


Northern NJ
Ort Farms
25 Bartley Road, Long Valley, NJ

Ort Farms Northern NJ pick your own farms Six generations and still growing!
We are a six generation, family-owned farm in Long Valley, NJ. We farm over 400 acres in Morris County where we grow Jersey fresh produce, picked just for you from our fields to your table. We are a place for all seasons! We have two farm stands in Long Valley where we sell our products. We are your source for all things local. Our farm stands offer fresh homegrown produce, home baked pies, apple cider donuts, jams and jellies, local and hormone-free dairy products, beautiful flowers and more. We also have hay and straw available for wholesale or retail. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience.

What's for sale?
Spring: lilies, hyacinths, tulips, marigolds, petunias, salvia, snap dragons, bacopa, impatiens, geraniums, vegetable plants and seeds.

Summer: Visit our farm stand to purchase Jersey Fresh Produce all summer long! We offer fresh picked homegrown corn, tomatoes, squash, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, onions, snap peas, eggplant, broccoli, potatoes, beets, radish, arugula and more. We also offer local peaches, nectarines, cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, apples and more! These items are available for sale in our retail store, and at our tailgate markets throughout New Jersey.

PICK YOUR OWN: Pumpkins Starting September 20th! Come explore our giant pumpkin patch and search for the great pumpkin. Get lost in our eight acre corn maze! Visit with our friendly farm animals, shop for all your fall favorites in our farm store, and play on our haybale pyramid! Join us on the weekends in October and also enjoy train rides, pony rides and monster truck rides! Learn more online at

Pick your own: pumpkins

Fresh and Fancy Farms

Address: 575 River Rd, New Milford, NJ 07646
Phone: 201-483-9494
Pick your own:

Pumpkins, flowers, herbs and spices

Brook Hollow Farm

Address: 301 Rockaway Valley Road, Boonton Twp, NJ
Phone: 201-400-4505
Pick your own: Pumpkins, Christmas Trees

Conklin Farm

Address: 65 River Road, Montville, NJ
Phone: 973-400-9460
Pick your own:


Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill

Address: 104 State Park Road, Chester, NJ
Phone: 908-879-6593
Pick your own:


Hamilton Farms Greenhouses & Farm Market

Address: 130 Old Denville Road, Boonton Twp., NJ
Phone: 973-334-6528
Pick your own:

Flowers (zinnia, snapdragon, celosia, sunflower); pumpkins

Hillview Farms

Address: 223 Meyersville Road, Gillette, NJ
Phone: 908-647-0957
Pick your own:

Blueberries; tomatoes; apples; pumpkins cut flowers

Miller's Hill Farm

Address: 10 Combs Ave., Mendham, NJ
Phone: 973-543-1106
Pick your own:

Pumpkins with hay ride in October, cut flowers

Ort Farms

Address: 25 Bartley Road, Long Valley, NJ
Phone: 908-876-3351
Pick your own:


Parks Farms

Address: 525 Rt. 24, Chester, NJ
Phone: 908-879-5509
Pick your own:

Pumpkins with wagon ride

Riamede Farm

Address: 122 Oakdale Road, Chester, NJ
Phone: 908-879-5353
Pick your own:

Apples, pumpkins

Ripple Hill Farm

Address: 181 Mountain Road, Basking Ridge, NJ
Phone: 908-647-1300
Pick your own:

Apples, peaches, tomatoes

Stony Hill Farm Market

Address: 15 North Road, Chester, NJ
Phone: 908-879-2908
Pick your own:

Pumpkins; mums

Stony Hill Gardens

Address: 8 Rt. 24, Chester, NJ
Phone: 908-879-2696
Pick your own:

Pumpkins; mums

Sun High Orchard

Address: 19 Canfield Ave., Randolph, NJ
Phone: 973-584-4734
Pick your own:


Union Hill Farms

Address: 25 Cooper Road, Denville, NJ
Phone: 973-366-0440
Pick your own:

Pumpkins, flowers

Wightman's Farms

Address: 1111 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown, NJ
Phone: 973-425-9819
Pick your own:

Pumpkins, apples, peaches


Andersen Farms

Address: 212 Route 23 South, Sussex, NJ
Phone: 973-875-8171
Pick your own: Pumpkins

Bob Cahill Farm

Address: Rt. 603, Andover, NJ
Phone: 973-786-5429
Pick your own: Plum tomatoes; beans (string, yellow, wax); pumpkins

Heaven Hill Farm

Address: 451 Route 94, Vernon, NJ
Phone: 973-764-5144
Pick your own: Pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn

Ideal Farm and Garden

Address: 222 Route 15, Lafayette, NJ
Phone: 973-579-3893
Pick your own: Pumpkins; flowers; Christmas trees

Lentini Farm

Address: 251 High Street, Newton, NJ
Phone: 973-579-2424
Pick your own: Pumpkins

Lucey's Berry Farm

Address: 41 Beaver Run Road, Lafayette, NJ
Phone: 973-383-4309
Pick your own: Raspberries; blueberries; sweet corn

Mount Vernon Farms

Address: 418 Rt. 515, Vernon, NJ
Phone: 973-764-6137
Pick your own: By appt. only: raspberries; evergreens; Christmas trees; raspberries

Pochuck Valley Farm

Address: 962 Rt. 517, Glenwood, NJ
Phone: 973-764-4732
Pick your own: Plums, tomatoes, sweet corn, pears, apples, pumpkins, gourds

Shale Hills Farm

Address: 98 Pond School Road, Sussex, NJ
Phone: 973-875-4231
Pick your own: Christmas trees

Sunset Mountain Farm

Address: 954 Route 619, Newton, NJ
Phone: 973-383-9208
Pick your own: raspberries

Sussex County Strawberry Farm

Address: 565 Rt. 206 N, Andover, NJ
Phone: 973-579-5055
Pick your own: Strawberries; pumpkins; raspberries

Valley View Farms

Address: 290 Rt. 206 South, Newton, NJ
Phone: 973-579-7271
Pick your own: Strawberries, assorted vegetables, u-cut flowers; raspberries; pumpkins

Walnut Grove Farm

Address: 65 Augusta Hill Road, Augusta, NJ
Phone: 973-383-5029
Pick your own: Christmas Trees

Windy Brow Farms

Address: 359 Ridge Road, Fredon, NJ
Phone: 973-579-9657
Pick your own: Apples, pumpkins


Country Fresh Farms

Address: 70 W. Asbury Anderson Road, Hampton, NJ
Phone: 908-537-9009
Pick your own: Pumpkins

Denville Farms in Warren County

Address: 10 Knowlton Road, Knowlton, NJ
Phone: 908-459-9869
Strawberries; apples; pumpkins

Donaldson Farms

Address: 358 Allen Road, Hackettstown, NJ
Phone: 908-852-9122
Pick your own: Strawberries, flowers, pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn, herbs

Glenview Farm

Address: 2 Glenview Lane, Blairstown, NJ
Phone: 908-362-6904
Pick your own: Pumpkins, squash, Indian corn, gourds

Godlewsky Farms and Greenhouses

Address: 196 Alphano Road, Great Meadows, NJ
Phone: 908-637-4927
Pick your own: Strawberries; pumpkins; produce; herbs; flowers; bedding plants

H. A. Race and Son (Sam Race)

Address: 388 Hazen-Oxford Road (Rt. 624), Belvidere, NJ
Phone: 908-453-2374
Pick your own: Strawberries

Kash Farm

Address: 181 Petersburg Road, Hackettstown, NJ
Phone: 908-852-0570
Pick your own: Eggplant, Peppers, Beans, Squash, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Herbs, Pumpkins

Kimball's Upick

Address: 110 Sarepta Road, Belvidere, NJ
Phone: 908-475-4473
Pick your own:

Peppers, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, zucchini and much more

Longmeadow Farm

Address: 561 Blairstown Road, (Rt. 521), Hope, NJ
Phone: 908-459-5351
Pick your own:

Apples (10 Varieties), pumpkins, raspberries, flowers

Mackey's Orchards

Address: 284 CR 519, Belvidere, NJ
Phone: 908-475-1507
Pick your own:

Apples, pumpkins

Marshall's Farm Market

Address: 114 Route 46, Delaware, NJ
Phone: 908-475-1989
Pick your own:


Battleview Orchards

Address: 91 Wemrock Rd., Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: 732-462-0756
Pick your own:

Apples, peaches, pumpkins

Race Farm

Address: 87 Belcher Road, Blairstown, NJ
Phone: 908-362-8151
Pick your own:

Apples, broccoli, pumpkins, beans, peppers, tomatoes, raspberries, many others

Tree-Licious Orchards

Address: 135 Karrville Road, Port Murray, NJ
Phone: 908-689-2906
Pick your own:

Sweet corn; tomatoes; peaches; plums; apples; pumpkins

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