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Free phone counseling for people with debt problems - NO SALES

We've been there and we can help you
Are you embarrassed of your current debt situation? Are you unsure of where to turn for debt settlement advice or answers? Well you can finally stop worrying! is offering an unprecedented free service for a limited time for people in tough debt situations. Free debt phone counseling with no pressure and no sales. We will simply talk to you and try to help ease your mind of your current financial situation.

Free debt advice - Call 732-298-6015

Call us right now and we will offer advice as to what you can do in your current situation. You can remain anonymous if you like and there is no charge at all for this service. We have been in your position and want you to know that you are not alone. We are here just to talk to you and WILL NOT pressure you or try to sell you anything!

Your debt problem friends

Do not feel ashamed. Debt problems happen to good people all the time. Many times people feel all alone and/or very scared of their situation and are not sure where to turn or who to talk to. They are usually too embarrassed to tell their friends and family about their situation. It's understandable and that is why we started this service. Take a moment and look around our site and I think you will agree that we are a very reputable company that is taking the time to offer a terrific free service to help people in the community.

It doesn't matter where you live

We can help you with ideas and show you how you can start to get your life on track. Wherever you live, whatever your situation, we are here if you need. You can call 732-298-6015 and simply say that you would like to talk about getting debt advice.

Absolutely free - anonymous and no sales pressure at all

Call today and get the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. You do not have to hold your feelings inside any longer. Maybe there truly is a bright star of hope or an answer for your situation that you haven't thought of. We are here to help. Don't be embarrassed. Call us today at 732-298-6015.

We will provide you with the best professional and free best level of customer service that we can without making you feel uncomfortable and without asking you any questions that you would not want to answer. 

Not ready to call?

We cannot offer advice if you do not reach out to us. If you do not feel comfortable today, bookmark this page and call when you feel you are ready. Just know that we will be here to listen to your situation and remember that there is always a fix to any situation. The fix may not always be easy, but is very possible. There is always a way out of any bad situation. We would love to try to help you and ease your mind as we try to show you some possible avenues that can help you in your current situation. There is an avenue that you can go down to get yourself out of debt forever.

Living debt free is not as hard to reach as it may seem

You are not alone and you do not have to go through this alone. You have finally found a free reliable source to talk to and ask questions to. We hope you take advantage.




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