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The Credit People Credit Repair Review

Review of The Credit People Credit Repair

The Credit People Credit Repair 
The Credit People Credit Repair Review 
The Credit People (Formally DSI Solutions) offers no-nonsense credit repair that really works. Their philosophy is simple...They will fix your credit repair in a quick and timely manner or you get all of your money back! One big advantage is that they only offer one type of service at one cost for EVERY client and they charge the least expensive set-up fee in the industry at just $19, then the fee is just $59 per month. Clients can quit at any time.

The Credit People will get results with the credit bureaus as they dispute negative items on your behalf. With The Credit People, you can expect to see quick expedited results on your credit reports within 45-60 days.

They also offer an excellent guarantee for their service that the baby boomer companies are starting to emulate to try to stay competitive with The Credit People's branded reputable name. Their guarantee is one of the best in the industry. They will give you all of your money back plus $50 for wasting your time if there is no definite improvement in your credit report or score after using their program.

One of our colleagues tried the 6 month program with great results. The Credit People realized 18 deletions in total, including a Bankruptcy! His Fico score went from a dismal 528 to a 704 on Equifax within 6 months. See one of the actual The Credit People actual deletions. See actual The Credit People Experian Deletions. See an actual The Credit People creditor deletion!

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Branded reputable name
No complaints with the BBB
They never charge any additional costs for additional services
Only $19 to get started (Least expensive fee in the industry)
One simple plan makes it easy to understand what they will do for you
Extremely easy online sign-up
They attain your credit report for you eliminating a step in the setup process
A full money back Satisfaction Guarantee
They realize quick expedited results
They dispute ALL negative items on your credit report
Sit back and relax and watch items fall off your credit report!

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Not really a con but their short term only allows for 4 disputes but then again that's all you may need because they dispute all negatives very quickly. You can always decide to stay longer if they are doing a good job and you only need a few more deletions.

$19 Setup fee and then just $59 per month. Quit at any time. No long term contracts.


Does The Credit People credit repair program really work?

Final Thoughts:
The Credit People is one of the best credit repair companies in the industry. Period. The Credit People credit repair really does work. We feel that The Credit People are one of the best overall picks for credit repair.

They offer one of the best guarantees out of all of the top online credit repair businesses. After your program is complete and there isn't a definite improvement in your credit report or score, then they will give you $50 for wasting your time on top of your money back!

This is one of only two credit repair services where we have personal experience with a bankruptcy deletion. They also get results with Experian. Although this review is of The Credit Repair People, keep in mind that that used to be a DSI Solutions credit repair review. They are the same company, they simply changed their name from DSI Solutions to The Credit People in January of 2013.

Visit The Credit Repair People online and get Started Now!

We feel that The Credit People are one of the best credit repair solutions online. It is also one of the least expensive. See our complete reviews of the top 10 best overall credit repair companies. We picked The Credit People as the #4 best credit repair company.

See the The Credit People Credit Repair Website



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