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If you enjoy searching for ghostly presences and a good scare, New Jersey has numerous buildings you can explore. Let our list of haunted locations in NJ be your guide to an afternoon or evening of ghost hunting fun!

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The Spy House Website |
119 Port Monmouth Road, Port Monmouth, NJ 07758  Northern Shore Region NJ
The Spy House NJ Haunted Attractions The most haunted museum in Northern Shore NJ!
Located in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown, The Spy House's correct name is the Seabrook-Wilson Homestead, but it has acquired its nickname due to its ghostly tours and visitors. Originally built circa 1650, during the revolutionary war, this homestead was a tavern known to be a popular drinking spot for the red coats.

The legend says the owner of the tavern, Thomas Seabrook, was a spy of sorts and a part of the New Jersey Militia. Seabrook was known for getting the British troops sloppy drunk so they would spill all of the military's secrets. After a short while, in 1776, the house was dubbed the spy house, known for its owner at the time, giving ghastly tours of the building. Eventually, paranormal investigations were conducted. Many started to report ghostly apparitions in the windows and even a young ghost boy!

History goes back to the Revolutionary war!
Olde Columbus Inne Website |
24491 West Main Street, Columbus, NJ 08022  Southern NJ
Olde Colombus Inne Haunted Attractions Burlington County NJ Creepy tours of a haunted NJ location!
In Columbus, NJ there is a historic building, The Olde Columbus Inne, and it is said to be one of the hottest spots for paranormal activity in the Southern region of the Garden State. To this day, people constantly report ghostly apparitions and creepy activity.

Accounts that have been reported regarding ghostly or paranormal activity include random cold spots throughout the hotel and an eerie unsettlement of the property. Spirits are known to lurk the grounds, causing noticeable mischief and an uneasy feeling for guests. One mysterious little orphan girl who used to work at the location in the 19th century is a known ghost who walks the grounds. Other phenomenon includes ominous noises and strange shadowed figures near the jail cell. Some even believe this is the birthplace of the New Jersey Devil himself!

Birthplace of the New Jersey Devil!
Robbins Reef Yacht Club Website | 201-858-9510
21 Pavonia Court, Bayonne, NJ 07002  Northeast NJ
Robbins Reef Yacht Club Northeast NJ Haunted Attractions Falling bottles and ghostly presences in NJ!
Robbins Reef Yacht Club is located on the shore of Bayonne, New Jersey and there have been many accounts of spiritual activity. Known to have some crazy and mysterious history surrounding it, and people throughout NJ have all agreed that this location is haunted. One gentleman, now a spirit, said to haunt this area had committed suicide by hanging himself in the upstairs bedroom.

Legend has it that if you enter the bedroom in the dark, a chillingly icy breeze sweeps over you, and is known to give you goose bumps. Ghostly apparitions are often seen upstairs and witnesses have also seen bottles falling off the shelves with no explanation. Weirdly enough though, these falling bottles never seem to break on impact, in fact, they always seem to be placed back on the shelf only to fall again a few minutes later.

Spine tingling chills!
Lake House Restaurant Website | 856-694-5700
611 Taylor Road, Newfield, NJ 08344  Southwest NJ
Lake House Restaurant Haunted Locations in Southwest NJ Welcomes all ghost believers to dine!
Located on the Iona Lake in Southwest NJ, The Lake House Restaurant is one of the most haunted attractions still in business. Built in the early 1900s, the inn was already extremely popular, as both a hangout and a hotel. Rumors have it that there were rooms rented by the hour, illegal fights and speakeasies in this beautiful, historical location.

It is said that the original owner, a woman known as the lady in black, still wanders the premises to this day. There are numerous accounts of customers seeing ghostly figures, shadows, and hearing strange things. One former manager of the restaurant allegedly witnessed the clock turn backwards, an occurrence that not only startled him, but also confirmed the presence of a ghost. If you spend time at Lake House Restaurant, you have a good chance of seeing something strange. Anyone curious is welcome to dine 7 days a week.

Come see the Lady in Black!
Berrys Chapel Website |
Berrys Chapel Road, Quinton, NJ 08302  Southwest NJ
Berrys Chapel Salem NJ Haunted Attractions Creepy voices!
As a small, quaint African American church built in the 1800s, Berry's Chapel is known for some extraordinary mysteries. Legends say that Pastor Charles Berry was lynched by the Ku Klux Klan and the church burned to the ground in the early 20th century. Eventually, the cemetery that lies on the grounds became disturbed due to digging. People were digging up the remains of the deceased and spreading them throughout the surrounding area, causing strange and ghostly things to happen.

Visitors reportedly have seen eerie glowing eyes staring at them from the trees, heard spine chilling voices and have seen a white wolf prowling the area. Professional ghost hunters have even captured some of the voices on recording devices! Some say that they have seen Berry himself swinging from the tree, by his neck!

Terrifying legend!
Raritan Public Library Website | 908-725-0413
54 East Somerset Street, Raritan, NJ 08869  Central NJ
Raritan Public Library Haunted Locations in Raritan NJ Ghostly encounters in Somerset County!
The Raritan Public Library can be found in the heart of Raritan, NJ. Well known for some serial ghost interactions and visiting apparitions, legend has it that the old librarian haunts the shelves of her former place of employment. It has become relatively normal for people to see lights flickering and books mysteriously moving from shelf to shelf. There have been multiple instances of an elderly woman in the window or roaming around the garden located behind the building.

One specific instance of strange things happening at this library happened in front of a group of people. During a presentation, the presenter was naming several important politicians who had visited the library in recent years and they accidentally left out one of the politicians, with this said, they later listened to the recorded presentation and heard a ghostly voice saying the name of that missed politician. No one had heard this at the live presentation.

Lights flicker in this haunted building!
Inn at 22 Jackson Website | 609-884-2226
22 Jackson Street, Cape May, NJ 08204  Southern Shore Region NJ
Inn At 22 Jackson Cape May NJ Haunted Bed and Breakfasts A haunted hotel in Cape May!
The Inn at 22 Jackson dates back to the 17th century. Originally built as a summer home in beautiful Cape May, it is now a functional bed and breakfast. One catch, it has a residential ghost, Esmerelda, the friendly and out-going ghost. One of the former owners randomly visited the new owner and briefed him on the story of Esmerelda and what oddities could be expected.

The former owner explained that Esmerelda passed away in the tower and, after this event, a mysterious and ghostly figure started to appear in the hotel. Many Guests, even a mother and her daughter, have reported seeing fast acting mysterious shadows with a warm and inviting environment surrounding it. Esmerlda seems to have a great fondness for children, but there is no need to fear because she would never hurt them! All ghost lovers who want the chance to see a real ghost or feel a strong presence would love to stay at this bed and breakfast!

Feel the presence of a friendly ghost!
The Flanders Hotel Website | 609-399-1000
719 East 11th Street, Ocean City, NJ 08226  Southern Shore Region NJ
The Flanders Hotel Haunted Hotels NJ Haunted hotel in Ocean City NJ!
The Flanders Hotel is the center of many different events! During construction in 1923, the builder decided to include "catacombs" inside the basement, which are now thought to be the resting place for many ghostly figures. In the 1920s and 1930s, organized crime bosses occasionally had meetings at this hotel and this eventually made way for speakeasies to be formed illegally.

This historic hotel is also home to many apparitions and ghostly encounters. Rumor has it that a friendly ghost, Emily, also known as the Lady in White, appears and disappears in a flash, plays with locked doors, unscrews light bulbs and sings in the hallways. There is a portrait of Emily on the second floor, stating her story. She is known for wearing a long white dress, no shoes, and is described to have long brown hair. The Flanders Hotel is one of the most haunted locations in Ocean City.

Friendly ghosts by the shore!
NJ Bar and Grill Website | 973-989-1999
100 Randolph Avenue, Mine Hill, NJ 07803  Northern NJ
NJ bar and Grill Haunted Restaurants in NJ Haunted NJ Restaurant!
NJ Bar and Grill has been the spotlight of some mysterious ghostly figures for many years. Various sources have said that a young man was murdered by his mistress as he was playing billiards in the bar and this instance initiated the haunted history surrounding the bar today. Witnesses say they have seen mysterious shadows, felt chilling breezes and occasionally see floating wine bottles, which suddenly drop to the ground.

People that live in the apartments above the restaurant say they constantly see ghostly figures coming and going from this location. The owner has even felt threatened by the ghost, or ghosts, that reside at this bar. This location has been featured on the television series, Ghost Hunters and many people visit just to see if they can get a glimpse of the spirits and experience a haunting first-hand. Don't let the backstory deter you from coming in and enjoying their delicious food and drinks!

Featured on Ghost Hunters!
The Union Hotel Website |
Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822  Central NJ
The Union Hotel Central NJ haunted attractions Known for the historic Lindenbergh Trial!
First constructed in 1814, The Union Hotel is located in historic Flemington, NJ. In 1943, the hotel was the center of the Bruno Hauptmann case, a trial for a man who was known to have kidnapped and murdered Charles Lindbergh's son. Known to be the "trial of the century," the court hearing took place directly across the street from this now haunted hotel.

Room 52 is known for having multiple ghostly encounters; it has been said that you can hear singing, feel swift cool breezes passing through, doors opening by themselves, hear the sound of footsteps and much more! There have also been accounts of little kids playing in the dining room, hours after it has been closed off for the day. The Union Hotel is currently undergoing major renovations and will not open its doors again until 2016. Hopefully these changes won't drive away the apparitions!

Known to have apparitions!
Devil's Tower Website |
Stone Tower Drive, Alpine, NJ 07620  Northeast NJ
Devils Tower haunted attractions in northern nj See the Devil himself!
Devil's Tower is a ghostly site located in Bergen County NJ that many people find fascinating. Built in the 1900s for Manuel Rionda's late wife, the tower is now said to be the site of the devil himself. According to the legend, Manuel's wife caught him cheating on her from glancing out the window and she was so devastated that she jumped to her death. This untimely death sparked an appearance of a ghostly presence and haunted atmosphere around the tower.

After Manuel passed, the town decided to tear down the tower but all attempts seemed to fail. After multiple construction workers fell to their death, the plan to demolish the tower was abandoned. Many say that if you go there today, you hear the cries of Manuel's late wife from the tower. Legend has it that if you walk or drive in reverse around the tower 3-6 times, Manuel's wife will appear in front of you.

Hear ghostly cries in Alpine, NJ!
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