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Haunted Cemeteries in NJ - Historic Cemeteries in NJ

Walking around old graveyards and looking at the various headstones can be a fun and different way to spend your afternoon. If you are looking for a haunted or historic cemetery in NJ that you can explore, use our list as a guide!

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Harsimus Cemetery Website | 201-653-1360
435 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07308  Northern NJ
Harsimus Cemetery Historic Cemeteries in Essex County NJ A cemetery full of history in Jersey City
The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery located in Essex County is one of the country's national treasures! While the cemetery was originally created in 1829, the land on which it was built has a rich history that dates all the way back to the early 1700's. You will hear stories of Revolutionary War skirmishes, see an ammunition bunker from the War of 1812 that is still standing today and see the markers for numerous men that died fighting for America.

Having been abandoned back in 2008, the Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery suffered from the effects of nature and is now being restored. People are invited to visit this historic NJ cemetery because it is filled with American history.

Also one of the most beautiful natural settings in NJ!
First Presbyterian Church Cemetery Website | 973-627-1059
35 Church St., Rockaway, NJ 07866  Northern NJ
First Presbyterian Church Cemetery Historic NJ Cemeteries A Northern NJ historic cemetery
The First Presbyterian Church of Rockaway, NJ is home to one on New Jersey's many historic cemeteries. Believed to be the site of an old Native American burial ground, The Historic Cemetery of First Presbyterian Church is a wonderful place to visit. The history of this location is rich, full of stories that depict the decision of early families to use this land as a burial site, tales of how and why an attempt to organize a church in 1749 failed and even stories of the success and growth of this church, despite the bleak history of it being on a burial ground.

When you roam this graveyard, reading the tombstones of people who have passed, you will gain a sense of life in the 1720s and 30s. Cemetery caretaker Robert Nichols takes pride in his knowledge of this cemetery. He knows that this location is full of knowledge, memories and items from the past and loves to see people walking around.

Rumors of it being a Native American burial ground
Union Cemetery Website | 908-852-3800
Mountain Avenue, Hackettstown, NJ 07840  Northwest NJ
Union Cemetery NJ Haunted Cemeteries in Warren County Learn the mystery of Tillie Smith!
Union Cemetery in Hackettstown, NJ is well-known for their haunted tale of Tillie Smith. It is said that in 1886 Smith, an 18 year old domestic, was brutally murdered. The story of her brutal assault became a national sensation. People from all corners of the state followed the trial to learn about this woman who died too soon.

With both Smith and her murderer, James Titus, buried in Union Cemetery, this cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in NJ. There have been numerous accounts of paranormal activity and even sightings of Tillie Smith herself. When you visit this NJ cemetery you may hear noises, see strange things or get the chills for no reason.

Ghost sightings in NJ!
Eglington Cemetery Website | 856-423-0165
320 Kings Highway, Clarksboro, NJ 08020  Southwest NJ
Eglington Cemetery Old and Haunted Cemeteries in NJ A haunted cemetery in Southwest NJ
Located in Clarksboro, NJ, Eglington Cemetery is over 200 years old and has rumors of being haunted. As the nation's oldest cemetery that has continuously been in operation, this location is sure to have one or two accounts of supernatural occurrences. As you walk the grounds you may feel an other-worldly presence, get a sense for the afterlife and may be even hear stories from the cemetery staff.

While there are numerous accounts of paranormal activity, things seen and heard, the cemetery is still in operation today and continues to provide resting places to people in Southern NJ. People are always invited to visit this cemetery but it is asked that they respect the deceased and other people on the grounds.

Accounts of paranormal activity
Dempsey D. Butler Cemetery Website | 856-966-1212
Cherry Ave. and Charles St., Camden, NJ 08104  Southwest NJ
Dempsey D. Butler Cemetery NJ Cemetery with History of Civil War A Cemetery full of Civil War history
Located in Camden, New Jersey, the Historic Dempsey D. Butler Cemetery is home to numerous African American and Civil War Soldiers. As the burial site for many soldiers, there is a lot of history that can be learned at this cemetery in NJ. People from around the state will make their way to these grounds so they can learn of the men who died fighting for America.

As with most cemeteries, there have been accounts of ghostly appearances, paranormal activity and more but that should not diminish the property's national history. Seeing as the land has suffered from the effects of nature and time, Heart of Camden is working on restoring the land and bringing it back to its original beauty. For more information call Heart of Camden at 856-966-1212.

A historic cemetery in Camden County NJ!
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