A Close Look at all of the Wonderful Waterfalls in NJ

A beautiful view of a waterfall

Beautiful Waterfalls to Visit in NJ

New Jersey is considered one of the best travel destinations on the east coast. The Garden State is known for its unparalleled natural beauty, places to visit, and diversified culture.

Tourists from all over the world travel to NJ because of its diversity of having mighty mountains, gorgeous lakes, historical landmarks, resort hotels, and, because of its close proximity to New York City.

But there are other lesser-known attractions to visit in NJ.

And that would be our beautiful waterfalls.

So if you are looking for something to do that is a little bit more off the beaten path, where you can find some relaxing magical scenery, we recommend that you venture out to one of these waterfall sites.

Some of the waterfalls are more famous and more easily accessible than others.

Others are relatively unheard of.

Here is a shortlist of some of the best waterfalls to visit in New Jersey. These are the ones that are considered to be the most beautiful and exciting in our opinion.

So without any further ado, let’s jump onto that list.

Buttermilk Waterfalls

A view of flowing water like buttermilk

Located in Washington Valley Park, in Martinsville NJ, Buttermilk Waterfalls is one of New Jersey’s most mesmerizing waterfalls.

This waterfall is easily accessible without having to hike to get to it.

There is a parking lot located nearby on Gillbride road right next to the bridge.

Once at the waterfall you can hike on a semi-challenging steep path, to get to the top. There are a bunch of trails that lead to other beautiful destinations within the park.

There are other hidden falls just 0.5 miles away from the Buttermilk waterfalls.

It is a very quiet and peaceful area.

The waterfall clocks in as New Jersey’s tallest at 85 feet.

Please note that it is a very rocky area and is not really suited for younger children.

All in all, the Butterfly Waterfalls is great for hiking and relaxation.

Passaic Falls

Passaic waterfall view

Passaic Falls is another relating peaceful area.

The Falls sit in Passaic County, New Jersey, and is also known as the Paterson Great Falls.

This waterfall checks in at 77 ft high (which makes it New Jersey’s second-highest) and 260ft wide.

The falls have been protected by making it a historical park, called Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, administered by the National Park Service.

The water comes from the Passaic River, which is another reason behind its name.

Many natives love it for the role it played in the early industrial development of New Jersey.

It’s a scenic wonder which almost seems out of place because it is right in the middle of an urban area, but it is still a sight for sore eyes.

The combination of height and sound when water hits the bottom is soothing.

Another advantage of this waterfall is that one does not have to make much effort to reach the main overlook of the falls.

The viewpoint is next to parking, and a well-built bridge.

Hemlock Falls

Waterfall view at Hemlock falls

Hemlock Falls is a great choice if hiking is your thing.

The waterfall itself is not the tallest and widest waterfall, in New Jersey, but it certainly is beautiful and worth the trip.

There are different hiking trails that are surrounded by stunning views. The trail follows the river and offers many opportunities of taking some awesome photos of the views.

Hiking here is definitely suitable for all ages.

There are clear marks on the trails to make things easier for visitors.

There is a lot of uphill hiking too for more advanced hikers.

When wet, tourists may find it difficult to walk as the path gets quite muddy making it slippery. But some hikers love the challenges of hiking on muddy and slippery trails!

From a historical standpoint, one of the things that set Hemlock falls apart from others is the Washington Rock.

It is the rock where the signal beacon informed the army about the British army’s approach.

What makes a trip to Hemlock Falls even more alluring is the tiny fairy houses built along with Rahway trail parts. These tiny houses have been secretly erected over the years.

Chikahoki Falls

Flowing water at Chikahoki Falls

Chikahoki Falls resides in the Norvin Green State Forest in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. These falls are widely known for their challenging long trail loop of approximately 4 miles.

Hiking enthusiasts can test their skills with the strenuous hike.

If you take on the trail, you will be rewarded with visions of many small brooks, lovey nature, and the New York City skyline!

This is our number one recommendation for serious hikers who want to push themslves a little bit.

The waterfall itself is not huge but it is aesthetically pleasing nonetheless.

Just experiencing the sound of the water after a long and tiring hike will surely give its visitors a satisfying experience.

Wyanokie High Point offers up the most mesmerizing views in the entire state of New Jersey


Waterfalls are fascinating. The sound of water and the beauty of the surrounding nature combined makes for a fulfilling day trip idea.

We are thankful for the diversity that our state has and the fact that we have beautiful waterfalls and amazing natural areas to hike and take in our local nature. It is not something that we should ever take for granted.

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