Planning to Visit Mount Pocono? Here is a Complete Guide for Your Next Vacation

Mount Pocono

We often get confused between Mount Pocono and the Pocono Mountains. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. The Pocono Mountains are a vast region whereas Mount Pocono is a small borough located in Monroe County.


A long time back during the 19th century, Mount Pocono was used as a place for the trade of cutting, transporting, preparing, and selling timber. Its first post office was established in 1848 with the name “New Mount Pocono”. However later its name was changed to “Forks” as it intersected at five places including Pennsylvania Route 611 and Pennsylvania Route 940. The story didn’t end here as the borough went through a name change one more time in 1886. The borough was at last renamed “Mount Pocono”. Slowly and gradually Mount Pocono became a major hilly tourist destination because of its natural beauty and clean and fresh environment.

The Honeymoon destination

During the mid-20th century to late 20th century, Mount Pocono gained popularity as one of the best go-to honeymoon destinations. With Mount airy lodge opening and gradually expanding into an 895 rooms resort and heart-shaped bathtubs, Mount Poconos was the most sorted place for couples to spend their honeymoons. The situation in Mount Pocono took a u-turn when most of the hotels were either burned or closed down. However, the place was revived when gambling became legal in 2004 and Mount airy casino was built in place of the Mount airy lodge.
Present population

Mount Pocono is a small area with 3097 of total strength. We have witnessed a continuous rise in the population till the year 2010. According to the census, the population in 1930 was recorded as 466 and it continuously improved till 2010 with 3083 people living in the area. However, the recent count in 2021 shows a decline of 2.7 percent and recorded strength of 3097.


Whether it is a train, bus, or plane, Mount Pocono is well equipped with every major transport facility.


Mauch Chunk Train Station Jim Thorpe PA

The railway lines of Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western railroad cut the southern end of the Mount Pocono borough which could help you easily travel to cities like New York and New Jersey. Later on, all passenger service was called off in the year 1965. However, you can take advantage of occasional excursions from Steamtown national historic site.


Mount Pocono provides 5 awesome bus routes to travelers. Mount Pocono Blvd, Tobyhanna, Tannersville, and Stroudsburg are the main stops of the bus route. On the other hand, Martz Trailways and Greyhound lines are famous for intercity bus service.


Pocono Mountain municipal airport is just 2 miles away from the Mount Pocono borough.

Mount Pocono experiences a continental climate which means there are some cold, and some hot days with continuous precipitation throughout the year.

There is no denying that the crisp autumn air puts places like the Poconos for a stunning show. The fall colors blanket the hill and make it a perfect backdrop for spectacular views and a haven for adventure activities in Poconos. While planning your fall getaway for Poconos fall vacation, you must be overwhelmed with the options for actions during the summer and fall in Poconos.

Take some time to soak into the best activities to do in Poconos during the fall and make the most of this season! There is so much that you can do in the area that we have created this blog dedicated to helping you discover autumn experiences to catch in the Poconos.

Places to stay in the Poconos

Hotels and Resorts

The Poconos is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations and because of this reason the Poconos is dotted with some of the best hotels and resorts that take the vacation experience to whole new levels. These resorts are equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities, bars, and restaurants. Here are some of the best-known hotels and resorts in the Poconos.

  • Mountain Laurel Resort
  • Kalahari Resorts Pocono
  • The Woodland Inn
  • Pocono Palace Resort

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rental homes became so popular among vacationers that they slowly started replacing traditional stays. The good thing about vacation homes is that they come in varying sizes, so be it a big group outing or a small family getaway, you will always find a plethora of options to select from. Plus most of the vacation homes are equipped with basic to luxurious amenities.

Below is the list of types of vacation homes available in the Poconos.

  • Villa
  • Condo
  • Cabin
  • Cottage
  • Mansion
  • Lake & beachfront vacation homes.

Best restaurants in the Poconos

Eating at a fine restaurant is the best part of any vacation and the Poconos is blessed with several top-notch restaurants where guests can eat delicious and classy savories.

  • A Little Pizza Heaven
  • Peter’s Europa House
  • Moya
  • Cork Bar & Restaurant 
  • Fall Vacation Activities in the Poconos


Hiking is one of the best ways to spend some time in peace and reconnect with nature. Hiking in Poconos during the fall features some of the most spectacular colorful views. You can enjoy the crisp sounds like your feet crutches the leaves and the rustic scent of the leaves with glimpses of lakes as you hike through the woods.

Best place to hike in Poconos during the fall:

  • Wallenpaupack Lake Trail
  • Lake Harmony
  • Lehigh Gorge Trail


It is yet another exciting activity that you can do while getting rolled under some vibrant leaves – Autumn is an ideal time for enjoying biking in Poconos. There are nearly nine state parks that offer the best trails for every skill level.

You will also need to rent a bike and pedal down to recreational areas or take up a bike stroll through one of the national parks located in Poconos.

Train Rides

A gorgeous train ride through the region’s small towns is a perfect opportunity to get good views of the scarlet leaves scattered over the trees and the ground. You can also stroll through the tracks and explore the Poconos mountains. It is a perfect pastime for couples and families who will enjoy an autumn ride on the train.

There are many train rides like Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway, which is only some distance away from our Luxury Green Valley Farm House for a 70-minute trip that travels along the river from Jim Thorpe through the Lehigh Gorge State Park. It offers incredible views of places like Hawley and Honesdale.

Relax at a luxury home  

There is nothing better than a relaxed day in the fall season. Our luxury rental homes are a go-to place to create joyful memories. We say so because every property listed offers comfort and style with signature amenities that you cannot find anywhere else. Besides just a vocational stay, our properties are also suitable for corporate events and parties in Poconos. Every space is designed to prepare guests for a visit and provide ample activities not to feel bored.

You can still stick to your plan to explore the Poconos in the fall, as many attractions are close to our properties and natural formations that haven’t changed for many years.

Get into your festive spirits  

Poconos is a region where you can find a lot of rivers, lakes, and forested areas to trek and visit around. There are also many festivals like the Oktoberfest celebrations and other events around Poconos. You can also go shopping around the site and enjoy your holidays in the area.

Fun indoor activities  

Whether you are with your family or with friends, you might be interested in more fun and adventurous activities during the day. In a place like the Poconos, where the temperatures start to drop during the fall, you might find it challenging to find fun activities that can be done indoors. Well, the good news is that there are a few big indoor water parks that might check your interest. These parks are as fun and entertaining during the fall as in summer. See fun day trip ideas in the Poconos.

Experience Poconos history with your family  

If you have children or grandchildren, you might hear that most of them find history quite dull and uninteresting. This perspective changes when the children learn about history by seeing and experiencing it. This is why trips to some of the old towns of Poconos can be pretty rewarding like Jim Thorpe.

Get the taste of authentic Poconos culture

Poconos always has something to offer to its guests for the whole year. There are different kinds of delicious cuisines for you to try. Start your day with some sweet and delicious pancakes along with a hearty breakfast. You can take mid-day breaks and enjoy a hearty meal in a quiet picnic near the lake. The place also offers a chance to enjoy live entertainment as you want some comfort food near a warm fireplace.



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