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Northlandz is the world’s largest miniature wonderland located in Flemington, NJ, USA.

It is a famous tourist attraction and a fun place to be for families. You can explore unlimited fun
activities at the site. The place is packed with big surprises. There’s something for everyone,
from the tiniest tot to the most seasoned adventurer. With so much to explore, you’re sure to find
something that will fascinate and delight you.

This place is perfect for anyone who loves trains. You’ll see replicas of famous landmarks from
all over the globe and model trains running through those structures. Not only that, but you can
also ride one! There is a really functional outdoor train to give you a ride across the neighborhood.


Come on down to Northlandz and see the world in a whole new way! You’ll enjoy the following
attractions on your visit.

Largest Miniature Wonderland

The brainchild of artist and builder Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, this incredible miniature wonderland spans over 16 acres and features hundreds of intricate, hand-crafted models and displays. There are replicas of famous landmarks and detailed scenes of everyday life. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, Northlandz is sure to amaze and delight.

Model Railroad Museum

It’s not just a static display – the model trains are interactive, winding their way through the entire miniature wonderland and bringing them to life. Also, this amusement park is the world’s largest model railroad museum, as documented by the Guinness Book of World Records. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, the massive train set up with miniature replicas marks and scenery is a truly unique and thrilling experience to bump into!

Outdoor Train Ride

There are plenty of reasons to be happy here! Come to the miniature wonderland and take an ultimate fun-filled Outdoor Train Ride. You can enjoy the vintage old-school vibes of 1890s steam engine trains!

The 30-min long ride takes you through the nearby woodlands of the southern side of the Raritan
River. It winds its way through forests, meadows, and along rivers, providing passengers with
unparalleled views of the natural beauty of the area. Whether you’re a train enthusiast or just
looking for a unique way to experience the outdoors, a ride on this steam-engine train is sure to
be an enjoyable experience!

On a special festival, your holiday cheer will be over the moon! They adorn this train with
seasonal decorations on all holidays. If you plan to visit on Christmas, make sure to grab your
camera along to take some good photos with Santa Claus!

American Music Hall

Want to add some musical delight to your fun day? This place does all! There is a huge American Music Hall that has been wowing audiences for years. The grandiose hall is full of beautiful music and stunning architecture. There are 2000+ pipe organs in there to take you back to the real classical music world. You can enjoy a variety of musical genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and so on! To multiply the fun, there is a variety of events organized every now and then like concerts, plays, stand-up comedy shows, and film screenings.

Visit The Northlzndz website

Art Museum

This place is kind of an art in itself but how about a real art gallery right there in the miniature
wonderland? This fun place has too much to experience! The gallery features a wide variety of
styles and genres, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore the 250+ art pieces from all over the globe! No matter what genre you’re into, you’ll find
something to love here. Whether you’re a fan of abstract art or you prefer more traditional ones,
this place is for every art aficionado! Besides, you can take a self-guided tour of the gallery, or
go for a guided tour with one of the best clued-up guides.

Doll Museum

A must-see for die-hard fans of unique dolls! The doll museum carries a wide collection of 400+
vintage doll-themed exhibits. Unique kinds of dolls are a true fascination for both kids and
elders. There are Vintage, Massachusetts, Celebrity, Porcelain, Teddy Bear, Haunted, Alien, and
Vintage Flamenco Dancer Dolls. Some of those are in their special doll houses.


If you’re looking for the best party venues in town, look no further than this miniature
wonderland! They know how to throw a bash – from decor to entertainment, they’ve got it all
covered. And the parties organized in Northlandz are sure to be remembered. Your guests will be
talking about them for months to come! Whether you’re planning a corporate luncheon, birthday
treat, or wedding reception, its party halls are the perfect venue for you.

You can organize any kind of party, meeting, or get-together there such as;


  • Silver Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package

Learn more about our birthday parties

Other Parties

  • Engagements / Weddings
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Shower / Bachelorette party
  • Other Events / Gatherings!


For the ones looking for a delicious and convenient catering option for your next event, Northlandz has a variety of options to choose from. From a quick snack to a full meal, multiple catering packages are available to fit any taste palate. Also, the event is organized by
experienced staff to make every minute a success.

You get delicious food and drinks with an unbeatable atmosphere. The catering options are
affordable and delicious, so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Choose your
favorite from the following;

  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Platter
  • Assorted Deli Meat & Cheese Board
  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetable Platter
  • Chicken Wings Platter
  • Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit Platter
  • Fresh Hot Pizza
  • Drinks


To sweeten the pot, there is a gift shop inside the wonderland with goodies for all ages. They
have souvenir mugs, shirts, and other items that will help you keep the memories of the journey
alive. For kids, model trains are available in a wide assortment so that they can take a piece of
Northlandz home with their selves.


Admission to Northlandz is already a great deal, but you can save even more by purchasing your
tickets in advance. Discounted tickets are available online at the website. So be sure to plan
ahead and get your tickets early.

Discounts are available for seniors, the military, and teachers. Free tickets for the disabled.

For more information visit Or call us at 908-782-4022.

Address: 495 US-202, Flemington, NJ 08822



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