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Sky Blue Credit Repair New Jersey

Best Credit Repair Companies in New Jersey | Choice #1 Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue is a well-branded firm that has served thousands of NJ residents over the past 30+ years. Although Sky Blue Credit Repair is located at 131 N Swinton Ave in Delray Beach, Florida, they do serve New Jersey residents as well as consumers nationwide. Sky Blue is an accredited and accomplished credit repair company.

Sky Blue Credit has the philosophy of having strong communication with its clients. They spend time with each and every client to make sure they understand the process of credit repair. has reviewed dozens of credit repair companies and has not only chosen Sky Blue Credit as the best credit repair company in the state of New Jersey but we have chosen them #1 Nationally as well.

Sky Blue Credit has a great staff, and their customer service is by far the best we have ever encountered.

Sky Blue offers all its services for one low price of just $79 per month.

Gets tough items deleted like tax liens!

Very simple sign-up. 100% Money back guarantee.  that they will stand fully behind.

Offers credit repair in all 50 States.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Pros

90-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

Sky Blue has an A+ rating with the better business bureau

They have a 35-day disputing cycle and they dispute more derogatory items on each dispute which speeds up the process. Other companies will only dispute a couple of items at a time, dragging out the length of the program

Name-branded recognition with 30 years in the industry

Serving NJ as well as most of the United States

They are a very honest and legit company with a no-pressure and no-sales approach

They believe in 100% customer satisfaction

They’ll do anything legally possible to force compliance and get negatives removed

They customize their dispute letters for the best results

They dispute directly with creditors, banks, and Credit Repair Agencies individually.

Very simple sign-up process with no payment due for 6 days.

Pricing: Just $79.95 per month – Customers can quit at any time

If you have bad credit and live in NJ or anywhere beyond and you’re looking for a reliable credit repair service, Let Sky Blue Credit work for you and can legally repair your credit, and raise your credit score.

It is comforting knowing that they have such a great guarantee.

Image of the Sky Blue Credit Repair App and their 90 day money back guarantee


Sky Blue Credit Repair FAQs

How long will the credit repair process take?

One of the most asked questions by consumers is how long will it take to clean up my report? This question is not easy to answer because there are so many variables, but the best answer is anywhere from 3 to 8 months (and sometimes longer if you have a lot of stubborn derogatoriness). The average is 6-7 months.

How much is the service?

If you sign up today, you initially pay $0, In 6 days after Sky Blue has started on your account, you pay just $79. Then it is $70 per month thereafter every 30 days. You can quit the service at any time.

Do you offer a partner discount?

Yes! The second member is just $40 per month.

Here’s What Else You Need to Know

Contesting items that are appearing on your credit repair is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

There are many websites that claim that credit repair services that you sign up for are a rip-off and that it is impossible to remove items from your reports.

The first half of that statement could be true if the company you choose does not dispute effectively but the second half of that statement is completely false.

The credit agencies do not know if you yourself or the credit repair service are sending the dispute because the credit repair service disputes the items on your behalf (as if they were you). They send a copy of your driver’s license and social security card and send a letter signed by you. This is 100% completely legal and is your right for anyone to act as power of attorney on your behalf if you grant them permission.

Disputing is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You have the right to dispute incomplete or inaccurate information. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) promotes the fairness, accuracy, and privacy of information in the files that third-party consumer reporting agencies are reporting about you.

Under the act, you must be told if information in your file has been used against you and you have the right to know what is in your credit file.

Sign up today and let Sky Blue Credit start disputing on your behalf.

Credit Repair is Your Right by The Law

Anything that is not 100% correct about you or your accounts has to be removed.

The consumer reporting agencies have a 30-day timetable to verify the items that are challenging and they must correct, update or delete the inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable information immediately.

Lastly, by law, consumer reporting agencies may not report outdated negative information that may be showing up in your file. If unverifiable outdated or negative information remains on your reports, you are entitled to seek damages from the violators.




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