Here are the Best Towns That Offer Cheap Rent For Apartments, Housing and Office Space

Image of The Jersey City Skyline

Skyline of Jersey City, New Jersey from New York Harbor in USA

Cheapest Places to Rent in NJ

We’ve researched dozens of New Jersey towns and municipalities to find the most affordable places to rent an apartment or small office in the Garden State. Say it quietly, but things are starting to look up financially. Inflation is losing some steam and gas prices are actually going down just a little bit.

The housing market still hasn’t crashed as predicted by some of the financial gurus and we don’t yet seem to be in a recession (just yet). Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the cost of living has gotten any cheaper.

The cost of rent is extremely high, in certain New Jersey municipalities, and renting, of course, comes with other expenses. You will need to get NJ renters insurance, buy or rent furniture, and pay for parking. It makes sense to look for the cheapest parts of New Jersey to rent.

There aren’t really any rentals that are ‘cheap’ anymore, but some places are definitely more affordable than others. We’ve done the legwork to find you some places that have reasonably priced rentals as of mid to late 2022.

If you are looking for cheap rent, consider renting in the following spots.


Silhouette of downtown Trenton depicting one of the cheapest places to rent in NJ Trenton is the Capital of the US State of New Jersey

Trenton is a very significant city in US history. In fact, it was the capital of the entire US for just over two months once upon a time. But that doesn’t change the fact that Trenton is one of the cheapest cities in NJ to rent in. 

Trenton has a diverse population and some really great up-and-coming neighborhoods to raise a family.

Thanks to a bunch of great non-profit organizations who are constantly working hard to improve the overall safety and vibrancy of the city, there has been some improvement.

Trenton has a spirited downtown that is constantly evolving which borders the Delaware River.

Although there are areas where the crime rates are on the high end in this city, there’s still no shortage of amazing restaurants or things to do in Trenton.

To be clear, rent in Trenton is not cheap, but it is particularly low by New Jersey standards. While prices are going up – as is the case throughout the US – they are still more affordable here than in most other NJ cities.

South River NJ

South River is actually the cheapest city in New Jersey for renters. If you know nothing about it, you’re not alone. It is a relatively small borough. However, this does not mean it’s not dynamic. On the contrary, with a diverse population with Mexican, Brazilian, Asian, and European backgrounds, there is always something new to see or try.

If you’re looking for some great spaces for your kids to spend in nature, there are a number of parks as well as the riverside. South River does feel like a small town, but it is easy to get to other parts of New Jersey, seeing that it is just a few miles from the NJ Turnpike. As such, you’ve always got somewhere to go if your feet are getting itchy.


Image of the Absecon Lighthouse

Absecon is known as the cheapest shore town for renters. Located on the western shore of Absecon Bay, Absecon is home to a residential community of fewer than nine thousand people. It is not the ideal place to stay if you love big crowds and busy events. But if you prefer a quiet life, Absecon may be perfect for you.

It helps that Absecon is just fifteen minutes from the Atlantic City Boardwalk and the ocean. You can easily spend a day out in the sun, leaving the tourists behind when you return home. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the constant presence of visitors, you can occasionally be one of them.

Absecon is relatively cheap for renters rthat are looking to live near the beach, but there is not a whole lot of property available to rent. That said, the demand is not huge either, and you might well find your ideal rental.


Delran is named for its location. It sits at the confluence of the Delaware River and the Rancocas Creek. It is another small residential community that provides easy access to the more ‘exciting’ parts of New Jersey. Living there, you’ll be close to North Philly, Trenton, Cherry Hill, and other bustling places.

Delran itself is the ideal place for many people who want a more quiet existence. With its proximity to other parts of New Jersey, there is plenty of potential to find jobs nearby. Since Delran is so cheap, the high earnings available in other parts of New Jersey go a long way.


Jamesburg NJ

Jamesburg and its surrounding towns of Helmetta and Spotswood offer very reasonably priced rents for local residents that are looking to rent affordable apartments or office space.

Small 400-600 square foot offices can be found in the range of $500 to $750.

New Jersey is not a cheap state for renters. With rent consistently going up, it is getting tough to find an affordable place to live. However, the above cities remain cheap for renters. The fact that they are also great places to live is a testament to the desirability of New Jersey.

If you are just visiting New Jersey, here are some cool things to do and nice resort hotels to consider.



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