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Every parent wants a safe and comfortable place for their kids to stay while they're at work. NJ has numerous day care centers and child care programs that are guaranteed to meet your standards. Check out our list of New Jersey preschools and find the right fit for your child!

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Seashore Day Camp and School Website | 732-222-6464
345 Second Ave., Long Branch, NJ 07740  Northern Shore Region NJ
Seashore Day Camp and School Childrens Daycares and Schools in NJ Progressive and well-rounded preschool in NJ! Seashore Day Camps and School Awesome NJ Daycares for kids
Seashore is the most progressive, well-rounded, value-added preschool you will find anywhere. Voted one of the BEST PRESCHOOLS in Monmouth County the last two years, Seashore is the only school that offers an entire campus for three year olds and another for pre-kindergarten with bright classrooms, science labs, computers, art studios, music rooms, large gyms and indoor heated pools. The challenging program makes learning fun and helps young students develop the skills to succeed academically, physically and socially. It goes beyond the classroom and way beyond the basics.

In addition to academics, children do hands-on experiments in our science lab, are introduced to computers, take year-round swim lessons, participate in physical education where they release energy in a positive way, no matter what the weather, and participate in extras like gymnastics. For parents' convenience, Seashore includes FREE door-to-door transportation, FREE child care from 7:30-9a.m for those who work early, extended care until 6p.m. and a 12-month program that includes school, camp and everything in-between at a substantial rate. For more information or a tour, call 732-222-6464, visit or check Facebook.

Voted one of the Best Preschools in Monmouth County NJ!

Kidzland Childcare and Learning Center Website | 732-613-0034
777 Washington Road, Parlin, NJ 08859  Central NJ
Kidzland Childcare and Learning Center Daycare Centers in Central NJ A fun place for kids to play and learn in NJ Kidzland Childcare and Learning Center Safe NJ daycare Centers
Licensed by the Bureau of Licensing Division of Youth and Family Services, Kidzland Childcare and Learning Center offers parents a safe place for children to spend time while they are at work.

We have a unique curriculum which garners a life-long interest in learning, exposes children to various areas of study and increases each child's self-confidence and independence. Your child will be taught math, history, music, art, phonetics, science and even foreign languages! That's not where the learning ends though! We here at Kidzland think social skills and manners are very important and we make it a point to teach both of them to every child who walks through our door.

At Kidzland, your children will also be in a safe environment. All of our instructors are CPR certified and know proper first-aid. While no one wants something to go wrong while their children are at school, we make sure all of our teachers know the best help to give and how to get further medical attention should a problem occur.

Structured daycare programs for children in NJ

The Meadow's School Website | 201-935-2112
102 Borough Street, Rutherford, NJ 07070  Northeast NJ
The Meadows School preschools in Northeast NJ Excellence in childcare The Meadow's School preschools in northern nj
The Meadow's School, a day care center in Bergen County NJ, is committed to providing the best care and education possible. Their staff works with parents to develop a close and lasting relationship throughout your child's time at The Meadow's School. The school's goal is to help children feel good about themselves, deal with feelings appropriately, develop friendships, welcome diversity and accept changes. They accomplish these goals by providing a positive climate structured around the promotion of self-worth, self-esteem and self-discipline.

The Meadow's School offers a wide variety of programs for children as young as 6 weeks old up to kindergarten-aged children. The preschool program allows children to visit each of the specialty classrooms with their assigned teacher and classmates. Specialty rooms include Math and Manipulatives, Science, Social Studies, Computer Room, Dramatic Play and the Art Room. Each room is filled with materials pertaining to the subject matter and teachers lead the class in age-appropriate activities that go beyond all conventional childcare programs in New Jersey. Full and part time enrollment is available. Call to make an appointment with the school representative.

"The home away from home"
Roxbury Day Care Inc. Website | 973-584-3030
25 Righter Rd., Succasunna, NJ 07876  Northern NJ
Roxbury Day Care Inc Day Care programs for children in North NJ Non-profit daycare center in NJ
Roxbury Day Care Center, Inc., a Northern NJ daycare center, is dedicated to giving kids the best full-day care and programs while their parents are at work. We offer daycare services to children as young as 6 weeks old and as old as 5 years old, catering each program towards the developmental needs of each age group.

Our Yellow Team program is geared towards our youngest students, 6 weeks to 15 months, and offers a warm and nurturing environment where little ones can learn physical, cognitive and language skills. As the kids grow out of this program, they can be moved to our Green Team, a program for kids 15 months to 2 years olds that focuses on interactive and hands-on lessons.

The Orange and Purple Teams are meant for children 2 - 3 1/2 years old who are learning much needed skills such as potty training and manners. Children in this age group's program will also be taught some Spanish and multiculturalism as well as learning letters, numbers and colors.

Prior to entering our Pre-K program, children ages 4 - 4 1/2 years old will be a member of the Red Team. In this daycare program, kids will learn writing, correctly identifying letters and even how to tie their shoes!

All-inclusive educational daycare center!

Sunshine DayCare Center Website | 973-623-8400
286 South 7th Street, Newark, NJ 07103  Northern NJ
Sunshine DayCare Center child care programs in Essex County NJ Child care for parents with high standards
Sunshine DayCare Center, a Northern NJ child care facility, operates under the guidelines as defined by National Association for Education of Young Children ("NAEYC"). This means that we have high standards for the education and care of your children and we only give them the best!

We offer various programs for children ages 3 months up to 13 years old. You can enroll your little ones in our Early Childhood program, Bridge I or Bridge II program. Each program offers educational and developmentally challenging work to let your child grow and become interested in learning.

While the programs may only focus on children 5 years and younger because, at that age they will be starting kindergarten, our Before Care/After Care program accepts the attendance of children up to 13 years old. Sunshine DayCare offers a safe and fun place for all of your children to go after school so they are not home alone.

Child care services for kids of all ages in NJ!
EV Bright Beginnings Website | 609-588-5100
100 Youngs Road, Suite 7, Hamilton, NJ 08619  Central NJ
EV Bright Beginnings Central NJ child care centers for kids Awesome preschool and daycare services for your child!
EV Bright Beginnings offers exceptional care and services to your little ones as they grow up and prepare to start kindergarten. Your child's experience with daycare begins with a nurturing environment. We offer high quality, yet affordable, daycare services to the New Jersey area because we know that parents only want the best for their children.

Our staff is loving and caring, focusing not only your child's education on what is best for their development, but what they will need to know in order to succeed once they begin school. The staff is continually taking classes themselves, wanting to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in child care and education.

Each program we offer is geared towards specific age groups. By separating children based upon age, EV Bright Beginnings ensures that each child learns what is appropriate for them and makes sure all milestones are met.

A daycare curriculum aligned with the NJCCCPS!
Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center Website | 856-303-2200
600 Route 130 North, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077  Southern NJ
Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center Southern NJ daycare centers

Full service daycare center and school
Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center is an all-inclusive daycare center in Southern NJ. We provide our students with high quality care, educational programs that cater specifically to their age group and a fun learning environment that will make them WANT to continue exploring their curiosities.

Our school adheres to all of the NJ guidelines for proper child care and education. We make it a point to teach each and every child the materials they will need to know, like letters, colors and even how to write their name, before they leave our school and begin kindergarten.

With full-day programs, Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center offers all children a lunch. As they go about their day, learning and having fun, they will get hungry, right? Well we provide all children with a healthy lunch that could be anything from roasted pork to spaghetti and meatballs! The kids are guaranteed to love their time at Cinnamon Sticks Learning Center!

We make education fun!

Good Hands Day Care Website | 732-920-7676
582 Plaza Terrace East, Brick, NJ 08723  Central Shore Region NJ
Good Hands Day Care Ocean County NJ Day Care Centers Awesome daycare center in Ocean County NJ
Good Hands Day Care Educational Center, located in Brick, New Jersey, is the best place for your child to receive the education they need while still feeling safe. We offer a warm environment to your little ones, making the school a second home, so they can learn and explore their curiosities without fear.

Open from 6:30 am until 7 pm, our facility offers both full and half day programs, before and after care with Brick bus service and even summer camp programs! The school has 10 classrooms which accommodate our students of various ages, a library, and a high security system to ensure the safety of all.

Parents can feel safe leaving their children with us because we only have highly trained educators on staff. All teachers will make sure your child is meeting developmental goals, keep you in the loop of what your child is learning and make sure you are aware of any problems, should any arise.

A daycare center that becomes a second home!
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