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Best Debt settlement company in NJ
Premier Debt Help 

Premier Debt Help - best debt settlement company - debt settlement review
See Website

Services offered: Debt settlement


This is THE MOST trustworthy debt settlement company in NJ that we know of

Premier Financial Debt Help #1 Debt Settlement! 
"Premier Debt Help", located in Freehold NJ has many years of collective experience and knowledge in the debt settlement industry. "Premier Debt Help" was founded by a real lawyer and they know the laws as they apply to NJ. Their professional team can help you establish an exclusive debt settlement program that will help you save 50% or more of what you currently owe. "Premier Debt Help" is a member of the International Association of professional debt arbitrators which represents the debt negotiation industry by creating state specific agendas and to advocate for fair regulation and protection of consumers. They offer a free debt settlement consultation and you are under no obligation whatsoever. This is our choice for the #1 legit debt settlement company in New Jersey. Visit their website and fill out their quick form. "Premier Debt Help" has the knowledge and experience to settle debt quickly and efficiently for NJ residents.

Visit their site and fill out their quick form and see how they can help you become debt free in as little 24 months 

Do not feel ashamed or put it off any longer. There are millions of people who have run into difficulties making ends meet. Premier  Debt Help will work with you and get the job done so you can finally get that weight lifted off your shoulders and get your financial life back on track!

Services Offered: Debt Settlement. Free debt settlement help in NJ.
Pro's: Located right here in Freehold NJ with an office that you can visit and meet with real people. They get the job done by dealing directly with your creditors or collectors. They show fantastic results. Professional and organized. No obligation consultation and analysis of your situation. Their founder and president is a lawyer. (be weary of companies that do not have real lawyers.) Member of US chamber of commerce. Member of the International Association of professional debt arbitrators. They get quick expedited results.
Cons: Debt must be unsecured as in credit card debt or unsecured loans.
Pricing: Free debt settlement help. No obligation consultation. There is no obligation whatsoever. They will only discuss pricing if you are interested in their program. If not interested, the consultation is completely free. Prices vary and depend on the amount of unsecured debt that you have.

See the Premier Financial Debt Help Website

A Little more about our Best Debt Settlement reviews on this page has done all the research for you and has investigated the two debt settlement companies on this page. We have checked with the BBB and the consumer credit counseling agencies, including the International Association of professional debt arbitrators. Our job was to thoroughly review and evaluate each company in the industry by talking to past clients, checking credentials, and speaking with the workers and owners. Based on our extensive research and evaluations of dozens of debt settlement companies, we can only recommend the two debt settlement companies above for reliable debt settlement help in NJ. These companies have proven themselves as a legitimate means for an individual in New Jersey to get out of debt.

The best Debt Settlement companies in NJ

Premier Debt Help
A top Debt Settlement Company in NJ



With a professional debt settlement company working hard for you, there is no obligation on your part! Stop putting it off and get your life back! 

The First Step is yours: 
You need to take the first step and contact one of the NJ debt settlement companies above. They will
 then contact you and discuss your best options to become debt free. You are under no obligation at all! They can also help you if you do not live in NJ as they cover 45 other States. Contact them today to see if they can serve your State.

You Become Debt Free
Due to the eliminated or reduced interest rate(s), most of your payment will be paying off principal instead of interest. Cutting the pay off time from 15-30 years down to 1-3 years can drastically save you thousands of dollars in finance charges.


Not only are millions of people faced with debt problems but so were we at! We used the Premier Financial Debt Help program and became debt free in NJ in under 24 months! We are now offering these reviews to try to help other NJ residents that are faced with difficult times. If you are not from NJ and found this page, these companies can help you too! Now matter how bad things may seem, you can get out of debt! Bankruptcy should not even be an option or a very last option if debt settlement is not the right program for you.


With a debt settlement program, skilled professionals will negotiate on your behalf to significantly reduce or eliminate your debt completely. In many cases you will only pay a fraction of what you owe, sometimes as low as pennies on the dollar!


With the economy at an all time low, most creditors are willing to settle debts for a fraction of the original debt. Hire one of the debt settlement companies on this page and get your peace of mind and life back on tract. 

Do not make the mistake of hiring a negotiator that does not have experience in negotiating debts in NJ. Make sure you hire a professional negotiator who has experience in dealing with creditors to either settle your debt completely or negotiate a consolidation plan to help you get control of your debts again and to insure that you will sleep easier at night. Creditors are willing to work with you and at least get something so they don't have to write off huge losses. You can save yourself from bankruptcy.


We've spent almost two years testing and researching the best debt consolidation and debt settlement services to help you make a decision on who to use. The services that you will receive from the companies recommended on this page are from legit debt settlement companies serving NJ and there Debt Settlement plans really work to help you become debt free quickly!


We have also done 2 years of research to find the best credit repair companies. See our list of the top 10 best credit repair companies that really work! We know because we've used them!


Get a free trial and see where you stand today. Free credit score




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